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Get excited, because we have another amazing Juiced Superstars we want you to meet! On the hot seat today is Sienna, a girl who loves slime and is ready for an awesome time!

Host: Sienna

Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital 

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    Air Date: 13/04/2020

    Get excited, because we have another amazing Juiced Superstars we want you to meet! On the hot seat today is Sienna, a girl who loves slime and is ready for an awesome time!

    Host: Sienna

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital 

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    Air Date: 09/04/2020

    Do you hear that incredible music...? It must be the BRISBANE EXCELSIOR BRASS BAND and they've come to play some beautiful music for the kids in hospital! Enjoy some classic favourites from Frozen, Toy Story and more!!

    Host: Zarhara

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital and The Brisbane Excelsior Brass Band

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    Air Date: 06/04/2020

    It's time to go head to head for the COTTON BALL CHALLENGE! Will Savannah be able to beat on of our very own Juiced Crew? You'll have to watch to find out!

    Host: Savannah

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital

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    Air Date: 05/04/2020

    This is the FUTURE! Imagine... a robotic car, driving itself, doesn't get distracted, is really safe and doesn't get tired!? THIS is what Robotic Vision are all about! Check out this awesome segment and learn how these guys are creating cars of the future!

    Host: David

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital, QUT and Robotic Vision

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    Air Date: 03/04/2020

    In today's Juiced TV segment, Kobi is here to teach us how to make a fun origami creation we can all try anytime, anywhere!

    Host: Kobi

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital and Gold Coast University School

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    Air Date: 02/04/2020

    On the Quick Questions hot seat today is... Oscar! He's got more moves than Bruno Mars and dresses sharper than the Hollywood stars! Enjoy this super fun segment!

    Host: Oscar

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital, Rockhampton Hospital and Central Queensland Health

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  • img S6 - BLOOPERS!

    Air Date: 01/04/2020

    OOOPS!! Sometimes we make mistakes, and that's ok!! But we always make sure to have fun and have a good laugh all the way through it! 

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital

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    Air Date: 31/03/2020

    On the Quick Questions hot seat today is Kael! On the Quick Question hot seat today is Juiced superstar, Kael! With the power of his Nintendo switch he packs more punch than a hitmonchan! Watch this awesome segment to find out more about this talented Juiced superstar!

    Host: Kael

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital

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    Air Date: 30/03/2020

    Ever wonder what a hospital kitchen looks like? Well look no further because Ashlin takes us around the Mackay Base Hospital kitchen and even whips up a yummy treat!

    Host: Ashlin

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital and Mackay Base Hospital

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    Air Date: 24/03/2020

    We are so excited to have launched our Juiced Box services in the Rockhampton Hospital and of course, this calls for a JUICY PARTY!!

    Hosts: Jareth, Isac, Sophie, Memphis and Noah

    Special Thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation, Central Queensland Health and Rockhampton Hospital 

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    Air Date: 23/03/2020

    On the Quick Questions hot seat today are superstar siblings, Savannah and Carter! He is a mountain of man muscle, and she has a lightning stare that scorches the footy field. Together, they're a sister and a brother, with skills like no other!

    Hosts: Savannah and Carter

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital 

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    Air Date: 15/03/2020

    Step right up and witness the magnificent, marvellous, mayhem that is Juiced TV. Ava and Ryder join the Cirque Du Soleil troupe for yo-yo tricks and juggling flicks, Delta bounces on in to Social Work week with Ali and Lara and Sahara gives us the exclusive from the Australian premier of ‘The Wishmas Tree’.

    Hosts: Matthew, Ava, Ryder, Delta and Sahara 

    Special Thanks To: Queensland Children's Hospital, Cirque Du Soleil and Like a Photon

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  • img S6EP37 - SOUND THE ALARM

    Air Date: 08/03/2020

    Juiced TV is coming at you six ways from Sunday! Here to deliver you your weekly fun fix! The Mackay Hospital Security Team spring into action to bust some boredom on the kids ward, we share a special day with Tyler and his family as he celebrates ringing the bell! Mylinh and Libbie go head to head in the Cotton Ball Challenge and Poppy discovers that there is magic around every corner of the hospital.

    Hosts: Abbey, Seth, Tyler, Leah, Mylinh, Libbie and Poppy

    Special thanks to: Queensland Children's Hospital, Mackay Base Hospital and Mackay Hospital Security Team

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    Air Date: 01/03/2020

    Juiced TV is here, there and everywhere! Travelling our great state to bring the good times to you! Ashlin shows us how to get fit and keep up with the muscliest man in Mackay, thrill seekers Matthew and Harrison hit some extreme rides on the Gold Coast, then back to Brisbane where Summer and her family un-think the impossible with Flipside Circus!

    Hosts: Ashlin, Mark, Matthew, Harrison, Triston, Ryan, Summer, Andru and Krystal

    Special thanks to: Queensland Children's Hospital, Mackay Muscle Garden, Mackay Base Hospital, Event Hospitality & Entertainment, Dreamworld, Flipside Circus

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    Air Date: 23/02/2020

    Get pumped because we've got some big dreams and sweet teams ahead of us! Mackenziee is going from Wheels to Heels with the help of her Physio, we meet some of Mackay Base Hospital's friendliest faces, and Kobi and Trey are kicking goals with the Socceroos!

    Hosts: Matlida, Cade, Kacey, Mackenziee, Kobi and Trey

    Special thanks to: Queensland Children's Hospital, Mackay Base Hospital, QSuper and the Socceroos

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    Air Date: 16/02/2020

    The Juiced crew have hit the road and are coming to you from Mackay! The new children's ward has just opened and everyone's invited to celebrate! Back in Brisbane we are shaking our hips Moana style and using hot chocolate as a canvas for art!

    Hosts: Mark, Sienna, Ashlin, Emily, Molly, Penni, Austin, Max and Maddison

    Special thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation, Mackay Hospital Foundation, Piggy Back Cafe and Heilani Productions 

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    Air Date: 09/02/2020

    Juiced TV just turned five years old! To celebrate, we're flashing back to some momentous moments! To get the party started we thought we'd rewind five years to check out all the fun Juiced squeezed into their first episode!

    Special thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation

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    Air Date: 02/02/2020

    There's something fishy going on in this episode of Juiced TV! Frank is on the case to find a cupcake thief, Cooper investigates the hospital's mystery machines and Abby and Emma are flipping houses for their fresh water friend!

    Hosts: Robbie, Frank, Emma, Abby & Cooper. 

    Special thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation, Fish Master Marvelous and Queensland Police Service.

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  • img S6EP31 - MASTERS OF PLAY

    Air Date: 27/01/2020

    Throw your work clothes out the window and light up your FUN face, because it's time to play!!! Maddison's imagination runs wild and the Bedside Play vollies are along for the ride, Kitana awakens the dragon with some guidance from Sun Bae Taekwondo, then we are whisked away with Andie Rose and her harp!

    Hosts: Ryleigh, Kitana, Maddison and Andie Rose

    Special thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation, Sun Bae and Tijana Kozarcic

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    Air Date: 20/01/2020

    This week’s episode of Juiced TV is a celebration of our multicultural nation! Summer and her siblings discover the ultimate Australian animal! Eamon and Leila have front row tickets to the cultural catwalk and we celebrate Chinese New Year with Dragon Boats!

    Hosts: Zac, Summer, Eamon and Leila

    Special thanks to: Geckoes Wildlife, Red Carpet Functions and Dragon Boat Queensland

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  • img S6EP29 - HEROES, BATS & BANTER

    Air Date: 13/01/2020

    What do you get when you mix heroes, bats and banter? One awe-inspiring episode of Juiced TV! Chloe introduces us to our fifth Super Hero Award recipient - her amazing Oncologist! Noah get's knocked for six when he meets his cricket idol Chris Lynn, and the jolliest man in the world kick's back for some cheeky banter with Rylan!

    Hosts: Lily, Chloe, Noah and Rylan

    Special thanks to: Children's Health Queensland, Dr Liane, Brisbane Heat, Chris Lynn, Compare the Market and Children's Hospital Foundation

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  • img S6EP28 - STAR STUDDED

    Air Date: 06/01/2020

    It’s a brand new decade and we’ve called in some celebs to help us celebrate! Josh Norbido is bringing in the new year with some magic, Home and Away actress Sophie Dillman gets the lead role in Dahlia’s TV show, Lego certified pro Ryan McNaught is making all our Lego dreams come true!

    Hosts: Oflynn, Sabe, Nickita, Ben, Jackson, Dahlia and Andie Rose

    Special thanks to: Josh Norbido, 'The Brickman' Ryan McNaught, 7Plus and Sophie Dillman

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  • img S6EP27 - END OF A DECADE

    Air Date: 30/12/2019

    2019 has been epic so we’re flashing back to some of our favourite moments like… when a bunch of Juiced TV super stars became trainee firefighters, Sierra took the Brisbane Bandits for an extraordinary training session, we had loads of fun coding robots with Stem Punks and the Gold Coast University Hospital School sent in some awesome sporting interviews from their Regional Reporters!

    Hosts: Isabella, Monique, Chanel, Abi, Noah, Sierra, Mason, Baylin, Zara and Ava 

    Special thanks to: Brisbane Bandits, Gold Coast University Hospital School, QLD Academy of Sport, STEM Punks, QLD Fire and Emergency Services School of Fire and Emergency Services Training

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  • img S6EP26 - IT'S CHRISTMAS

    Air Date: 23/12/2019

    The presents are wrapped, the stockings are full, and boy do we have some Christmas gifts for you! Some Junior MasterChef's put on their lolly hard hats to make gingerbread houses at Rydges South Bank, Jake and Sam get the ultimate gift learning how to be superheroes for a day and Rylan cracks his glow stick to light up the hospital at Carols by Glow Stick!

    Hosts: Elana, Jo, Jake, Sam, Rylan, Jasmyn and Krystal

    Special thanks to: AP8 Industry Stunt & Rigging Courses, Rydges South Bank, Children's Hospital Foundation and Warner Bros. Movie World

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  • img S6EP25 - HIT IT

    Air Date: 16/12/2019

    Let’s hit it! In this week’s episode we’re hitting all the right notes with Junkyard Beats, hitting the dance floor with Tippy Toe Co and hitting the green at Victoria Park’s Christmas Putt Putt course!

    Hosts: Ally, Charli, Jamie, Olivia, Hillary and Meeyah

    Special thanks to: Junkyard Beats, Victoria Park and Tippy Toe Co

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  • img S6EP24 - DREAM JOBS

    Air Date: 09/12/2019

    Congratulations, you've just been hired as a Juiced TV superstar viewer! Along this career path, you'll hit the airwaves at Hit105, unravel the mysteries of being a full-time magician with Dynamo, take a cake break for the Queensland Children’s Hospital’s 5th Birthday and your last meeting of the day is with the makers of Bluey!

    Hosts: Jasper, Grace, Tori, Sahara and Olivia

    Special thanks to: Dynamo, Hit 105, Ludo Studio and Queensland Children's Hospital

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  • img S6EP23 - S'NO PROBLEM

    Air Date: 02/12/2019

    Have yourself a snow day in this week's ep of Juiced TV! Matilda brings us the magic from the premiere of Frozen 2, Isabella makes it snow with the Street Science crew, and Connor meets the famous Alaskan Malamute, Nanook, one of the hospital’s therapy dogs!

    Hosts: Zakariah, Jeremiah, Matilda, Isabella and Connor

    Special thanks to: Street Science, Event Cinemas and Delta Society Australia

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    Air Date: 25/11/2019

    This week we’re at the Channel Nine Telethon going behind the scenes of everything LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Jaiden and Raven learn how animated characters are brought to life, Hazley steps into a motion capture suit to discover how people can become animated characters and Libby shows us how this awesome movie making technology is used right here at the hospital!

    Hosts: Libby, Jaiden, Raven and Hazley

    Special thanks to: Like A Photon, Logemas and the Queensland Children’s Motion Analysis Service

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  • img S6EP21 - ECO-WARRIORS

    Air Date: 18/11/2019

    OK Eco-warriors. It’s time to take pollution down to zero! Lorelei, Xavier and Cadel aren’t letting any food go to waste with the help of OzHarvest, Kitana’s turning garbage into a crafty masterpiece and Abbey’s on a mission to protect the turtles!

    Hosts: David, Lorelei, Xavier, Cadel, Kitana and Abbey

    Special thanks to: Reverse Garbage, OzHarvest, Queensland Museum and World Science Festival Brisbane

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    Air Date: 11/11/2019

    Emerson shows us how to play hockey with his mates from the Brisbane Blaze, Lilly-Grace discovers what it takes to train a guide dog and we get grooving with the Australian Army Band!

    Hosts: Taressa, Emerson, Lilly-Grace and Talieah

    Special thanks to: Brisbane Blaze, Guide Dogs Queensland and The Australian Army Band

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    Air Date: 04/11/2019

    Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy our trip around the world! First up is Italy and Violet's making pasta. Then Izzy explores spirit animals and boomerangs in our great southern land. Finally Cherish wraps up the show as she's wrapped up in a kimono!

    Hosts: Sophia, Violet, Isabella, Cherish

    Special thanks to: Terry Saleh Art, Popolo Italian Kitchen & Bar and Kimonoya in Brisbane

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  • img S6EP18 - RIDDLE ME THIS

    Air Date: 28/10/2019

    As the full October moon rises, ghosts and ghouls haunt the streets and Juiced TV are going trick or treating… yep, it’s Halloween!!! Claudia gets creepy in the kitchen, Katie gives a spine tingling review of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and when chaos is unleashed on the hospital, we fire up the signal to summon the one and only, Batman!

    Hosts: Oliver, Claudia, Katie, Jack, Lilly-Grace, Karina and Nanook

    Special thanks to: Event Cinemas and Shane Bryer/Iron Dad

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  • img S6EP17 - ALL STAGES

    Air Date: 21/10/2019

    The stage is set for some outstanding performances in this week’s episode of Juiced TV! Calypso discovers how Meerkat Productions bring book characters to life, we unveil the Round 4 Winner of Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards and Mollie and Cherish jump in front of the camera to present the weather at Channel 7!

    Hosts: Hillary, Calypso, Mandy, Sophia, Mollie and Cherish

    Special thanks to: Meerkat Productions, Channel 7, QSuper, Nurse Kylie and Children's Health Queensland

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  • img S6EP16 - SPORTS FOR ALL

    Air Date: 14/10/2019

    Start your stretches and get warmed up for this super sporty episode! Hannah learns what it takes to be a Sporting Wheelies pro on the court, Lucy and Winnie hang out with the talented INAS Global Games athletes, and Jaxon and Sail go trackside for the BMX Australian championships.

    Hosts: Jack, Hannah, Lucy, Winnie, Sail and Jaxon

    Special thanks to: BMX Australia, INAS Global Games and Sporting Wheelies

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    Air Date: 07/10/2019

    Grab your popcorn and your choc top because we're hitting the red carpet at the Juicies Awards Night and celebrating the finest moments of Season 5! Jeff Horn and Max battle it out in the interview ring, Abbey chats to her incredible OT and Captain Frank takes us on a voyage on the Young Endeavour!

    Hosts: Mackenziee, Max, Ella, Abbey, Matthew, Harrison and Frank

    Special thanks to: The Children's Hospital Foundation, QSuper, Event Hospitality and Entertainment, The Coffee Club, Staging Creations, Twisted Pair Productions, Adrian Mauro, Oi LED Screens, Kennards Hire, Global Dance Pro, Firefly Lighting, Darkspace, Jacabe Wood, Miss Elm, Bailey Print Group, The Prop House, Kellyn Morris, Magic Memories, The Cosplayers, Jamie Thwin and CF Photography Families.

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    Air Date: 30/09/2019

    This is a fantastically, fabulous, feel-good, fun, flavoured, flawless, first class, F-themed episode of Juiced TV! Flowers are blooming in Toowoomba, friends are gathering for Sally and Possum and we prepare to take flight at the RAAF Army Base.

    Hosts: Millie, Mia, Tommy, Calypso, Billy, Skyla, Indie, Jalawlin, Marynite

    Special thanks to: Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, Australian Defence Force, Children's Hospital Foundation and Sally & Possum

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    Air Date: 23/09/2019

    Look out! Here comes another episode overflowing with talent!!! Olivia chases new heights with an incredible cliff diver, Dahlia hangs out with the pinball arcade master at the EKKA, and Hazley leads a team of Lego legends to capture some dinosaurs!

    Hosts: Sofia, Olivia, Dahlia, Emmy, Hazley

    Special thanks to: Xantheia Pennisi, EKKA and Red Bull Content Pool

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    Air Date: 16/09/2019

    This week we're slithering with snakes at the Ekka, slam dunking with the Brisbane Bullets and coding with Sphero!!!

    Hosts: Tam, Violet, Eli, Bailey, Fletcher, Elijah, Dahlia and Khyler

    Special thanks to: Brisbane Bullets, Ekka, QUT and Luke's Reptile Kingdom

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    Air Date: 09/09/2019

    Grab your backpack, your map and your party pants... can you say CELEBRATIONS & CELEBS?! We're meeting the stars at the Australian Premiere of Dora and the Lost City of Gold and celebrating diversity at Wear it Purple Day!

    Hosts: Daniel, Angus, Andie Rose, Kai, Nat, Haven, Hamish, Milan, Lily and Lucy

    Special thanks to: Dora and The Lost City of Gold, Isabela Moner, Screen Queensland, Event Cinemas Robina and Paramount Pictures

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  • img S6EP10 - STEP UP. SPEAK UP. RISE UP.

    Air Date: 02/09/2019

    Andie Rose discovers that no matter what we're going through, it ain't weak to speak. The Legendary Wonder Team take on the Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane and Max and Harry rise up to the challenge to become Urban XTREME Ninja Warriors!

    Hosts: Andie Rose, Violet, Joshie, Lillian, Hannah, Max, Harry, Max, Michael, Josh & Lachlan

    Special thanks to: Urban Xtreme, Kids Helpline & Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane

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    Air Date: 26/08/2019

    This week Bridget shows us how to be a dairy farmer at the Ekka, Georgia shreds the indoor snowboarding slope and Ruby unveils another winner of Juiced TV's Super Hero Awards!

    Hosts: Alice, Bridget, Georgia and Ruby

    Special thanks to: Ekka, Norco, Urban Xtreme Ski & Adventure Park and Dr Scott Fox

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  • img S6EP08 - ONCE UPON A TIME

    Air Date: 19/08/2019

    It's Book Week and we're celebrating with some sensational stories! Emma Mactaggart inspires the Hospital School to write their very own book, Mitch tackles the blank page with Ocean Reeve, then our Gold Coast Hospital School reporters discover some epic sporting stories with some epic athletes! All of this and more, coming at you from the Hospital Ekka Party!!!

    Hosts: Makayla, Sophie, Mitch, Becca, Chayse, Nate & Amelia

    Special thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation, Emma Mactaggart, Ocean Reeve, Gold Coast University Hospital, Michael Shelley & Katie Hayward

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    Air Date: 12/08/2019

    Grab your lab coats, because we’re diving into the world of science. Van unravels a smelly mystery with Science Wizard, Dr Rob. Damien from STEMPunks shows us the incredible world of 3D printing. Then Max throws some hard hitting questions at Dr Karl… the man with all the answers!

    Hosts: Coopah-lee, Van, Talaya, Max
    Special thanks to: Experimentary, F.A.R.T FILES, STEM Punks and Dr Karl

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    Air Date: 05/08/2019

    You’ll want front-row tickets to this episode of Juiced TV, because it is studded with super stars! Netballing greats, the Queensland Firebirds, drop by for a visit and skills workshop; the legendary Chief Esports team bring in a suite of computers to show us how they train for global gaming competitions, and the cast of "School of Rock" the musical blow us away with their unbelievable singing talent!

    Hosts: Abbi, MJ, Caitlin, Corey, Dezley and Jazmyn

    Special thanks to: Queensland Firebirds, The Chief Esports Club and "School of Rock" The Musical

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  • img S6EP05 - FIRE, MAGIC & ICE!

    Air Date: 29/07/2019

    This episode is one spicy meat-a-ball! Noah and his friends join the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service cadets as they take on a roaring inferno! Siobhan is mesmerized by the magical mayhem of Drace the Illusionist, and Liam gets the final word with the American and Canadian hockey teams before their colossal clash on the ice.

    Hosts: Elijah, Siobhan, Noah and Liam

    Special thanks to: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Drace the Illusionist

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  • img S6EP04 - MUSIC MAGIC!

    Air Date: 22/07/2019

    It’s time to whip out your best grooving moves, because we have a magically musical episode in store for you! Praise and Sunday fill the hospital with some super happy Hello Africa beats 🥁 the amazingly talented Elm Ukulele has a jam session with Mila 🎸 then grab your popcorn because Claudia is taking us to the magical premiere of the Lion King! 🦁👑✨

    Hosts: Emerson, Praise, Mila and Claudia

    Special thanks to: Hello Africa, Elm Ukulele and Event Cinemas

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  • img S6EP03 - OUT OF THIS WORLD!

    Air Date: 15/07/2019

    This week’s episode is out of this world! It’s been 50 years since the moon landing and we’re celebrating by setting off rockets. As if it couldn’t get any more awesome, Maddi gives us her guide to all things awesome, and we finally make it to the moon with an exploration through Queensland Museum’s NASA Exhibit.

    Hosts: Hamza, Lissy, Maddi & Charli

    Special thanks to: Queensland Museum & Street Science

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    Air Date: 07/07/2019

    This week we are hanging out with sporting greats! Lily and Maddy tackle the State of Origin cupcake challenge in Bundaberg, George meets NBA superstar Joe Ingles, and we head to the bowling alley with hospital hero Michael!

    Hosts: MyLinh, George, Michael, Lily & Maddy

    Special thanks to: NBA Entertainment, Bundaberg Health Services Foundation & Joe Ingles

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  • img S6EP01 - PADDLE FOR KIDS 2019!

    Air Date: 01/07/2019

    Grab your life jacket, because this episode is all about PADDLE FOR KIDS! We’re also going for a tour around Bundaberg with Grant; Jack makes some scaly and furry friends when Wild Call come to visit, and Leigh gives us her very own guide to awesomeness!

    Hosts: Harry, Cooper, Noah, Zayviar, Abbey, Josephine, Grant, Jack & Leigh

    Special thanks to: Dragon Boat Queensland, Wild Call & Bundaberg Health Services Foundation

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    Air Date: 23/06/2019

    This week’s Juicy episode is a smorgasbord of skills! Coming at you from the Bundaberg Hospital, Maddison and Andrew whip up some fruity creations, Shania meets an incredibly talented illustrator like no other, and we reveal the round 2 winner of Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards!


    Hosts: Zaria, Vienna, Maddison, Andrew, Shania and Harry


    Special thanks to: Bundaberg Health Services Foundation, Bundaberg Hospital, Woolworths & QSuper

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  • img S5EP51 - ROADTRIP!

    Air Date: 17/06/2019

    Buckle up because we are jumping in the Juiced mobile and cruising on up to the beautiful Bundaberg!! Lily and Maddy give us a tour of the Bundaberg hospital and introduce us to some Super Staff members in their dental clinic. Back in Brisbane Tessa gives us her review of Secret Life of Pets 2, then we showcase some superstars at the Gold Coast University Hospital School who have filmed their very own interviews!!


    Hosts: Lily, Maddy, Tessa, Alanna, Taleia & Teela


    Special thanks to: Bundaberg Health Services Foundation, Bundaberg Hospital, Event Cinemas & Gold Coast University Hospital School

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    Air Date: 10/06/2019

    This episode of Juiced TV is flipping unreal!! Holly is amazed by the acrobatic skills of the Aerial Angels, Sydney meets some adorable dolphins at Sea World and DJ discovers what it takes to be a formula 500 race car driver!

    Hosts: Taliyah, Holly, Sydney & DJ

    Special thanks to: Sea World, Aerial Angels and Tristan Johnson Racing

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    Air Date: 03/06/2019

    This episode is hot, cold and juuuuuust write!!! Charli and Jamie create some tasty toasties with Sizzler, Ella rugs up to meet some penguins at Seaworld, and Clare gets the inside scoop at The Courier Mail!

    Hosts: Charli, Jamie, Ella and Clare

    Special thanks to: Seaworld, Sizzler & The Courier Mail

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    Air Date: 27/05/2019

    Prepare to set sail as we cruise into this magical, bot battling episode of Juiced TV! Frank and his ship mates learn the ropes aboard the Young Endeavour, Nickleby performs some incredible magic tricks at the hospital and Mason discovers how to build the ultimate battle bot warrior with STEM Punks!

    Hosts: Frank, Van, Whiteboard, Mason & Baylin

    Special thanks to: Nickleby the Magician, Young Endeavour Youth Scheme & STEM Punks

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    Air Date: 20/05/2019

    Matthew & Harrison give us their ride reviews from Dreamworld… and hit up a rollercoaster for the first time! Declan learns how to take flight with iFLY! And Frank & Katie meet one of their favourite singers, Dean Lewis!

    Hosts: Jayden, Matthew, Harrison, Declan, Frank & Katie

    Special thanks to: Dean Lewis, Dreamworld and iFLY Chermside

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    Air Date: 13/05/2019

    Abra-kadabra, it’s time for another magic instalment of Juiced TV! 

    Elana and Jo meet Australia’s favourite illusionist, Cosentino, at Dreamworld. Lilly reveals the identity of our first super hero award winner, and the crew from Street Science show Locklan some incredible experiments!

    Hosts: Learni, Elana, Jo, Lilly and Locklan

    Special thanks to: Dreamworld, Cosentino and Street Science 

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    Air Date: 06/05/2019

    They care for us, they protect us… they’re our superheroes, nurses, and mums! Claudia shows us the perfect crafty gift for Mother’s Day, we meet Evie’s favourite nurse, and our Juiced Avenger’s assemble for an epic endgame review! 

    Hosts: Tessa, Evie, Evie’s Mum, Claudia, Harry, Sophie and Lachlan 

    Special thanks to: International Nurses Day, EVT, Event Cinemas Myer Centre, Avengers: Endgame and Marvel 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S5EP44 - BRING IT ON

    Air Date: 29/04/2019

    There is a challenge for everyone in this episode! Lily, Grace and Emily go head to head in an epic cake decorating contest, Libby and Mylinh tackle the cotton ball challenge, we ask the hard hitting questions to the superstars around the hospital and Tiana and Sophie put their pizza making skills to the test at Popolo Pizza! 

    Hosts: Clayton, Grace, Emily, Lily, Libby, Mylinh, Tiana and Sophie

    Special thanks to: Sugar Art by Zoe Byres and Popolo Pizza, South Bank

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 


    Air Date: 22/04/2019

    Pack your bags because we are going on a Juiced trip around the world! Deljke guides us through the art of Japanese calligraphy, Libby & Mylinh go head to head in an accent challenge, Tiana shows us how to overcome the fear of injections for World Immunisation WeeK, then it’s off to Africa with Zarra and his hospital school warriors 

    Hosts: Ella, Deljke, Zarra, Libby, Mylinh and Tiana 

    Special thanks to: Japanese Ink Art, EG Incursions and Queensland Specialist Immunisation Service Children’s Health Queensland 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S5EP42 - EASTER TREATS

    Air Date: 15/04/2019

    We're celebrating Easter with crafty goodness, delicious treats and a sneaky bunny who’s hopping around the hospital! Kira-lea joins Woolworths' Queen of the Kitchen to prepare for an Easter tea party, Madeline makes a bunch of fluffy friends and Claudia shows us the perfect Easter activity in Claudia’s crafty corner!

    Hosts: Rachael, Kira-Lea, Madeline and Claudia 

    Special thanks to: Woolworths and Brisbane Pony Parties & Animal Farm 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 


    Air Date: 08/04/2019

    This week’s Brilliant episode is Brought to you by the letter ‘B’! Sierra swings the Bat with the Brisbane Bandits, DJ and Tom Thum lay down some sick Beats, and Charli and Aaliyah Bust a move with the Untapped crew!

    Hosts: Katie, Sierra, DJ, Charli, Aaliyah 

    Special thanks to: Brisbane Bandits, Tom Thum, Untapped 

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  • img S5EP40 - UNDER THE SEA

    Air Date: 01/04/2019

    Grab your snorkels and your flippers because we are diving under the sea with the colourful characters from Ocean Life Education and the adorable turtle hatchlings at the Queensland Museum!

    Hosts: Adelyn, Learni and Abbey 

    Special thanks to: Ocean Life Education and QLD Museum & World Science Festival Brisbane 

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  • img S5EP39 - A WHOLE NEW WORLD

    Air Date: 25/03/2019

    This episode is coming at you from a whole new world! Caitlin discovers magic at the University of Queensland, we get an exclusive interview with the Gold Coast Suns - all the way from Mackay, El shares her Guide to Awesomeness and we discover a new take on the classic toasty!

    Hosts: Isabella, Caitlin, Jayden, Lachy, El, Shayne and Balthazar 

    Special thanks toUniversity of QLD, Gold Coast Suns, Mackay Hospital Foundation and Darren Purchase

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 18/03/2019

    This week we’re watching X-TREME stunts with Nitro Circus and meeting EXTREMELY helpful people with Social Workers and Woolworths Wayfinders!

    Hosts: Alice, Caleb, Harry and Matt

    Special thanks toNitro Circus, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Services and Children’s Hospital Foundation  

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 11/03/2019


    Hosts: Amelia, Sophie, Josh, Deljke and Milan 

    Special thanks to: JADE New World Collective, QPAC, Shout Communications, Event Cinemas, Captain Marvel and Marvel Studio 

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  • img S5EP36 - HEROES, ASSEMBLE!

    Air Date: 04/03/2019

    JUICED TV IS CALLING ALL HEROES TO ASSEMBLE FOR THIS VERY SPECIAL EPISODE!!! Noah meets his cricket hero Chris Lynn, Frank reveals the identity of a hospital hero, and we launch something epic with the help of some superheroes!!!

    Hosts: Milan, Noah and Frank 

    Special thanks toBrisbane Heat, Children’s Hospital Foundation, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Hannah Coulter, Surreal Strokes, Kierun Douglass, QSuper and Iron Man 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 25/02/2019

    What do you get when you cross lions and vampires with magicians?! One AWESOME episode of Juiced TV! Chris Wayne dazzles us with magic, Mya kicks back with the Brisbane Lions and Matt interviews a superstar vampire at Oz Comic Con!

    Hosts: Ally, Mya and Matthew

    Special thanks to: Chris Wayne, Brisbane Lions, Oz Comic Con and Nathaniel Buzolic 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S5EP34 - VETS & PETS

    Air Date: 18/02/2019

    Warm up your awww-dorable expressions and prepare for cuteness overload as we discover how to look after our furry friends with vets and animal lovers!

    HostsCaitlin, Finn, Addy, Sam, Lorelei and Xavier 

    Special thanks toThe House Call Vet and The Animal Emergency Centre

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 11/02/2019

    You're in for one magical episode of Juiced TV with special guests from The Illusionists, sensational songs from the Mt Gravatt vocal ensemble and a bell ringing celebration like no other!!

    Hosts: Ashlin, Addy, Finn, Frank, Holly and Chloe

    Special thanks toMt Gravatt High School Junior Vocal Ensemble, QPAC and The Illusionists Direct from Broadway

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S5EP32 - DREAM TEAMS

    Air Date: 04/02/2019

    Looking for the ultimate squad? Well the dream teams in this juicy episode are sure to inspire! The cast of The 91-Storey Treehouse bring the magic of theatre to the hospital, Maddie meets a big brass band all the way from Tonga, and Spiral’s family assemble to become the ultimate Aerial Angels!

    Hosts: Soraya, Lashara, Maddie and Spiral Moon

    Special thanks to: The 91-Storey Treehouse Live on Stage, QPAC, Tupou College Brass Band and Aerial Angels Academy 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 28/01/2019

    Warm up your voices and bust a move with our special guests in this week's episode! The Sisters of Invention perform at the hospital, we learn what an Occupational Therapist does and discover the voice of Kim Possible!

    Hosts: Lucy, Freya, Abbey and Matthew 

    Special thanks to: The Sisters of Invention, Tutti Performing Arts, CPL, Oz Comic Con and Christy Carlson Romano 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 21/01/2019

    This week we’re celebrating the awesomeness of Australia, with furry friends at Lone Pine and Aussie legends Jeff Horn and The Brickman!

    Hosts: Darcy, Andie Rose, Max, Lewis, Matilda, Hugo, Connar and Connor 

    Special thanks to: Jeff Horn, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and The Brickman Ryan McNaught 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 14/01/2019

    This week’s inspiration is coming from all kinds of pro’s from all kinds of fields! From Australian of the Year Award winner, to hospital volunteer ninja warriors and story telling superheroes!

    Hosts: Katie, Isabella, Ebony, Nathan and Mitch

    Special thanks to: Ocean Reeve, Michelle Simmons and Children's Hospital Foundation 

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    Air Date: 07/01/2019

    We’re kick starting 2019 with epic journeys of discovery from the Mackay Base Hospital, to robotics and more!

    Hosts: Jakob, Carli and Fletcher

    Special thanks to: Mackay Hospital Foundation and STEM Punks

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  • img S5EP27 - MAGIC MOMENTS OF 2018

    Air Date: 31/12/2018

    Let’s rewind to some magic moments of 2018 with dino rescue missions, super-fast Superfoiler’s AND surprise visits from Vance Joy!

    Hosts: Bridget, Hazley, Jack, Logan, Clare and Mila

    Special thanks to: Vance Joy and Superfoiler Grand Prix

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 24/12/2018

    It’s the most magical time of year, which means this very merry episode is packed with all the festive fun - from hospital magic, Christmas quizzes, tasty treats and carols by glow stick!

    Hosts: Josh, Ben, Lachlan, Lucas and Ally

    Special thanks to: Children's Hospital Foundation and The Coffee Club

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 17/12/2018

    Prepare yourself for an epic blast of fun with puppets, performers and superstar players! Wild Puppets are on the loose in Mackay, Sheppard drops by the hospital for a jam and QLD Reds superstars hit the field with our Juiced superstars!

    Hosts: Nivish, Karlia, Kobi, Trey and Maddy 

    Special thanks to: QLD Reds, Sheppard and Wild Puppets 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 10/12/2018

    From the ARIA Awards red carpet to surprise celeb visits in the recording studio, our superstar hosts have all the star studded action for you!

    Hosts: Noah, Kennedy, Sydney and Amelia 

    Special thanks to: Martini Media, ARIA Awards, Virgin Australia, UBER, Rydges Sydney Central, Dami Im, Triple M and Sony Music

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 03/12/2018

    This week we're meeting the local legends in our hometowns - from Mackay's footy and radio stars to Brisbane's hospital heroes!

    Hosts: Maddison, Andrew, Liam, Zayviar, Hamish and Noah 

    Special thanks to: Triple M Mackay, Mackay Hospital Foundation, Mackay Cutters and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

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  • img S5EP22 - MIXED BAG

    Air Date: 26/11/2018

    There's something fun for everyone in this mixed bag episode of Juiced TV! From sporting legends, The Grinch movie premiere and a surprise visit from the Socceroos!

    Hosts: Preston, Brittney-Lee, Emily, Marley, Kobi and Trey

    Special thanks to: Socceroos, Fox Sports, The Grinch & Universal Pictures, Mackay Hospital Foundation, Petero Civoniceva, Deadly Choices and Steven Miles MP

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  • img S5EP21 - INSIDE OUT

    Air Date: 19/11/2018

    This week we’re discovering what goes on INSIDE our bodies and checking OUT the Mackay Base Hospital!!

    Hosts: Preston, Ella and Jasmine 

    Special thanks to: Mackay Hospital Foundation, QUT - Faculty of Health, QUT Anatomists and Chris Wayne 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 12/11/2018

    Join our crafty hosts as they scribble, cartoon and colour in all sorts of canvases and hang out with some adorable animals!

    Hosts: Sydney, Evie, Avery, Blake, Stephanie and Jazmin 

    Special thanks to: Crayola, Cartoon Dave and Empower Assistance Dogs 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 05/11/2018

    This week's episode is bringing all sorts of ideas and characters to life - from the page, to the stage!

    Hosts: Hudson, Crystal, Brittney-Lee and Ramon

    Special thanks to: Meerkat Productions, Lucas Proudfoot and Alixink

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  • img S5EP18 - SCARY GOOD

    Air Date: 29/10/2018

    Prepare for scares in our Juicy Halloween special! Ghastly creatures are brought to life, something creepy crawls around the hospital and we see a hair-raising review of Goosebumps 2!

    Hosts: Nathan, Gracie, Charlotte, James and Kobe

    Special thanks to: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, Sony Pictures, QLD Museum and Toonworld

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 22/10/2018

    Prepare to be inspired by the power of music, epic achievements and sporting prowess in this awe-some episode of Juiced TV!

    Hosts: Deljke, Lachlan, Harry, Mila and Olivia

    Special thanks to: Olivia Hargroder, Invictus Games, Australian Defence Force

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S5EP16 - SPECH-TECH-ULAR

    Air Date: 15/10/2018

    If you love all things gadgets, drones, coding and robotics, then you'll love this SPEC-TECH-ULAR episode of Juiced TV!
    Hosts: Eleni, Elo, Norton, Anna, Sebastian, Miles
    Special thanks to: Bricks 4 Kidz, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, QUT - Widening Participation Program, BBC

  • img S5EP15 - LET'S CELEBRATE

    Air Date: 08/10/2018

    We're celebrating the finest moments of season 4 with all of our superstar hosts at the annual Juicies Awards Night! Join us as we throwback to some of our fav's from last season!

    Hosts: Harrison, Matthew, Harry, Holly, Chloe, Dahlia, Darius, Josephine, Lachie, Aimee, Emily, Jack, Max, Libby

    Special thanks to: The Children's Hospital Foundation, Event Hospitality and Entertainment, The Coffee Club, Kennards Hire, Top Hat and Tails Dance Troupe, Firefly Lighting, Darkspace, Soulcutz, Nickelby Magician, Bailey Print Group, The Prop House, Kellyn Morris from Channel Nine's 'Brainbuzz', Photobooth Collective, Jamie Thwin and CF Photography families, All the wonderful Jucies Volunteers, Dancing Wheelies Inc., Tiger Island - Dreamworld Gold Coast, Marvel   

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  • img S5EP14 - 'JOY-FULL'

    Air Date: 01/10/2018

    Your eyes and ears are in for a treat as we explore Oz Comic Con, the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers AND one of our superstars gets a surprise visit from Vance Joy!

    Hosts: Mila, Matthew, Eli & Sophie

    Special thanks to: Oz Comic Con, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, Pine Valley Flowers, Woolworths and Vance Joy. 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 24/09/2018

    Start your stretches and get warmed up for an episode packed with FMX thrills, NBA skills, and Rugby League drills!

    Hosts: Georgia, Aiden, Dominic, George, Maddy, Brooke

    Special thanks to: Ekka, Showtime FMX Riders, Joe Ingles, NBA Entertainment, Beefy's Pies, Eastern Suburbs Tigers

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S5EP12 - TIME WARP

    Air Date: 17/09/2018

    Get ready to time warp to the Medieval Ages with the villagers of The Lady Cilento Kingdom, THEN travel back to 2018 to meet a modern day noble steed!

    Hosts: Emma, Ysabel, Preston, Tilda, Keyanna, Hayden, Charlotte, Sophia, Sean

    Special thanks to: Ekka, Kangaroo Bus Lines, Monster trucks Pty Ltd, Officially Amazing, Abbey Medieval Festival

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S5EP11 - AAAAND ACTION!

    Air Date: 10/09/2018

    This week's episode is full of awesome actors from awesome TV shows like Sesame Street, Home and Away, Ninja Warrior... and of course JUICED TV! Aaaaaand ACTION!!

    Hosts: Declan, Lillian, Isla, Dahlia, Holly and Missy

    Special thanks to: Sesame Street, Sophie Dillman, Nine Network Australia, Australian Red Cross

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  • img S5EP10 - GET INVOLVED

    Air Date: 03/09/2018

    Join our hosts and get involved in all the action this episode has to offer! From painting with Cork and Chroma, conquering the Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane to discovering safe networks during Child Protection Week!

    Hosts: Jess, Max, Sophie, Josh, Lachie, Keyanna, Hayley

    Special thanks to: Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane, 

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  • img S5EP09 - LEGENDARY

    Air Date: 25/08/2018

    This is one legendary episode packed with wildlife adventures, gold medallists and golf clubs!

    Hosts: Maddy, Connar, Sophia, Aaliyah, Charli, Josh, Jesse, Kale and Jack

    Special thanks to: Topgolf Gold Coast, Simon Patmore and Wildcall Wildlife

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    Air Date: 20/08/2018

    This episode is forecast for sunshine, parties and pigs! Join our hosts as we journey to the Ekka and the Channel Seven studios!

    Hosts: Sienna, Aidan, Keyanna, Hayden, Mollie and Cherish

    Special thanks to: Ekka and Channel Seven

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    Air Date: 13/08/2018

    It's National Science Week and our hosts are getting involved in all kinds of experiments! Grab your safety goggles because you're about to get slimed!

    Hosts: Patrick, Ella, Dr Rob, Libby, Annabelle and Ramon

    Special thanks to: Dr Rob, Professor Jellybean, Queensland Children's Motion Analysis Service and Respiratory and Sleep Studies Unit 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 06/08/2018

    From sweet bongo beats in Townsville, to the wonderful world of science at LCCH - this week's episode has it all! Join Jai and his Broncos co-hosts Sam Thaiday and Kodi Nikorima for all the action!

    Hosts: Jai, Clare, Leon and Jack

    Special thanks to: Brisbane Broncos, Chris Wayne, Townsville Hospital Foundation, King Konz School of Music and Street Science

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S5EP05 - WHAT'S UP, DOC?

    Air Date: 30/07/2018

    Frankie and Claire take us on a journey up to the Townsville Hospital where Alyssa catches up with her burns doctor and Jack takes us on a tour around his school. Another Jack then hops in the pilot seat and flies us back to Brisbane with the Virgin Australia crew!

    Hosts: Frankie, Claire, Jack, Alyssa and Jack

    Special thanks to: Townsville Hospital Foundation and Virgin Australia

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S5EP04 - MY STORIES

    Air Date: 23/07/2018

    Get comfy because our Juiced superstars have some stories for you! Kurt hears the latest stories from Lucas Proudfoot, Abi shares her amazing hospital journey with us, while Savannah and her dad team up for an adventure in a galaxy far, far away!

    Hosts: Marli, Kurt, Abi and Savannah

    Special thanks to: Redback Garrison, Joker Costume Hire and Townsville Hospital Foundation

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 16/07/2018

    Join Milan, Cherish and Deljke as they rock the 60th TV Week Logie Awards red carpet! Our red carpet reporters are flying the flag for all the superstars back at the hospital, as they catch up with some of Australia's favourite TV celebs!!!


    Hosts: Scarlett, Milan, Cherish and Deljke.


    Special thanks: TV Week, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Napoleon Perdis and Stefan Hair Fashions.





    Air Date: 09/07/2018

    The magical Matilda gets us warmed up for another epic episode of Juiced TV! Mackenziee rocks out with African Beat, Milly and Laila decorate delicious desserts with Georgia Barnes, Preston catches up with some Rugby League legends from the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys, while Thomas gets the inside scoop with Daniel Tupou from Sydney Roosters!!

    Hosts: Matilda, Ameliana, Laila, Mackenziee, Preston and Thomas.

    Special thanks to: Townsville Hospital Foundation, Sydney Roosters, North Queensland Cowboys, Regional Flavours, Brisbane Marketing and African Beat. 


    Check out our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK now!


    Air Date: 02/07/2018

    We’re kicking off season 5 with the second ever Paddle for Kids Festival and Dragon Boat Race Day!! Joseph assembles the ultimate crew to hit the river and catch all the action! Max, Matthew and Harrison get the scoop from the sidelines, while Violet and Piper catch up with the awesome entertainers who are bringing the party to South Bank!


    Hosts: Joseph, Max, Matthew, Harrison, Violet and Piper.

    Ambassadors: Abbi, Harry and Mackenziee.

    Special thanks to: Dragon Boat Queensland, and all the wonderful paddlers, performers and supporters from the day!

    Check out our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK now!


    Air Date: 25/06/2018

    Townsville is turning Juicy after Juiced TV’s first regional road trip!! We're celebrating all things that make your home special and there’s lots of laughs to be had with Lucy as your host! Nakeisha shows us around her home town, Jana and Cooper lead the way through Townsville Hospital’s newest ward, Clancy chats with someone who makes us feel at home, and back at LCCH Kayla meets some special visitors from Australia Zoo!

    Hosts: Lucy, Nakeisha, Jana, Cooper, Clancy & Kayla

    Special thanks to: Townsville Hospital Foundation & Australia Zoo

    Catch all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!



    Air Date: 18/06/2018

    Life finds away as dinosaurs stampede into Juiced TV! Fionn tames some big beasts in his room! With some help from Street Science, Jack discovers the awesome power of volcanoes. Hazley and his team assemble the ultimate dinosaur trapping gear, while Harry and some other massive fans review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

    Hosts: Fionn, Jack, Hazley and Harry

    Special thanks to: Street Science, Universal Pictures Australia, T-Rex by Dimitris Galatas

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 11/06/2018

    Join Maeve and our superstar hosts as they take you on their ultimate experiences! Eli finds a gamers paradise in a massive gaming van at the hospital, Abbi, Jorji and Phoebe learn what it takes to be a journalist at the Nine Network studios, Sophie imagines the ultimate experience - twice! And Dahlia creates some magic with Disney On Ice!

    Hosts: Maeve, Eli, Abbi, Jorji, Phoebe, Sophie and Dahlia

    Special thanks to: Ultimate Games, Nine Network Queensland and Disney on Ice

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP49 - MAGIC MOVES

    Air Date: 04/06/2018

    Join Declan for some Magic Moves! Fletcher discovers the secrets of coding robots, Matthew and Harrison hang with some V8 precision drivers, and Abbi steps up to the bell for her bell ringing ceremony!

    Hosts: Declan, Fletcher, Matthew, Harrison and Abbi

    Special thanks to: STEM Punks, Ekka - Royal Queensland Show and UBER

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 28/05/2018

    Mollie is up to the job as your host when we explore unusual occupations. Milan gets things cracking with Walter Whip, Shania is put to the test by a medical illustrator, and Mackenziee uncovers the people behind the voices of some of your favourite animated characters!

    Hosts: Mollie, Milan, Shania and Mackenziee

    Special thanks to: Walter Whip and the Flames, Madeline Flynn and Oz Comic-con

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP47 - TOP TALENTS

    Air Date: 21/05/2018

    Join Violet and Piper for a show full of top talent! Ebony and Isabella host Volunteer Ninja Warrior, Sean catches up with some V8 drivers, and Jalawlin and Marynite hang with Sally and Possum.

    Hosts: Violet, Piper, Ebony, Isabella, Sean, Jalawlin and Marynite

    Special thanks to: Red Bull Racing Australia, Sally and Possum

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 14/05/2018

    Jake is your host and foreman when it comes to building a great episode! He's joined by Charlotte who looks into the Hospital School's Anzac Ceremony, Heidi and Claudia meet master maker, Mister Maker, Kobe creates his own spooky story, and Zane checks out some massive machines on a construction site!

    Hosts: Jake, Charlotte, Heidi, Claudia, Kobe and Zane

    Special thanks to: QPAC, Mister Maker and BMD Group

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 07/05/2018

    Jack hosts a show that hails to our heroes, the nurses! Whiteboard and Lilli-arna scrub up to become junior nurses, Ella joins other heroes at an epic event, and Declan hangs with a surgical admissions nurse!

    Hosts: Jack, Whiteboard (Nicholas), Lilli-arna, Ella and Declan

    Special thanks to: Mediscrubs

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 30/04/2018

    Darius steps into the spotlight to host a show all about stepping into the spotlight! Meeyah and the crew from Tippy Toe Co dance up a storm, the Hospital School students create their own animated show, Lachie takes on the bell and the Marvel Universe's biggest bad guy at Avengers: Infinity War

    Hosts: Darius, Meeyah, Lachie and Lachlan

    Special thanks to: Shout Communications, Toonworld, Dead Puppet Society, Flowstate, Festival 2018 and Tippy Toe Co.

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 23/04/2018

    Join Scarlett as we meet some of the more unusual guests who took the time to pay a visit to the hospital! Max gets all the answers from Dr. Karl, Dynamo appears to chat with Tori, and Emma catches up with some super cute tiger cubs!

    Hosts: Scarlett, Max, Tori and Emma

    Special thanks to: World Science Festival Brisbane, Dynamo Magician and Dreamworld

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!



    Air Date: 16/04/2018

    Get ready for a royal engagement! We meet legends from around the hospital who had the honour of running in the Queen's Baton Relay, Ruby goes in search of the King Of Hearts, and Abbi, Max and Libby rub shoulders with the Royals when they visit the hospital!

    Hosts: Abbi, Harry, Keith, Scarlett, Ruby, Darius, Grace, Sophie, Max and Libby

    Special Thanks to: Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Corporation, Nelson Alphonso

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 09/04/2018

    Our host Saylor gets us ready to look up high and look down low at animals of all sorts! Emma discovers turtle hatchlings, Paige meets some puppies who are training for something big, and Josh, Jess and Bella go on safari!

    Hosts: Saylor, Emma, Paige, Josh, Jess and Bella

    Special thanks to: World Science Festival Brisbane, Queensland Museum, QLD Police Service and Werribee Open Range Zoo

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S4EP40 - THE. BEST!

    Air Date: 02/04/2018

    Along with our host, Grace, let’s check out some of the awesome stuff our superstars call THE. BEST! Sophie takes us to her favourite place one earth which also happens to be the happiest place on earth. Jo meets one of the best stunt riders in the business, and Lachie and his family give us their guide to awesomeness!

    Hosts: Grace, Sophie, Jo, Lachie, Josh and Tayla

    Special thanks to: Disneyland Hong Kong and Australian Outback Spectacular

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 26/03/2018

    It's Easter so celebrate with our host, Sophie! Matthew hops into the kitchen to cook up an Easter classic, Georgie goes in search of rabbits with the help of a magician and Marli finds out that there's more than Easter to be aware of this month!

    Hosts: Sophie, Matthew, Georgie and Marli

    Special thanks to: Woolworths, Drace Illusionist and Dr Ubaid Shah

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 19/03/2018

    With Brittney Lee as our guide, we're off to Japan! Cherish rocks a kimono, we dance to the beat of Japanese drums and Deljke discovers the art of Japanese calligraphy!

    Hosts: Brittney Lee, Cherish and Deljke

    Special thanks to: Kimonoya In Brisbane, Toko-Ton Taiko and Japanese Ink Art

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4E37 - OUT OF THIN AIR

    Air Date: 12/03/2018

    Makaela uses her awesome hosting skills to create another HUGE episode of Juiced out of thin air! Peter meets an author illustrator, magician Chris Wayne razzles and dazzles, and Andie Rose and Mila discover how characters from The Very Hungry Caterpillar leap off the page and come to life!

    Hosts: Makaela, Peter, Andie Rose and Mila

    Special thanks to: Lachlan Creagh, Chris Wayne and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 05/03/2018

    Join us for a trip to India, without even leaving the hospital! Mackenziee discovers the fun of Bollywood Dance and the colour of Holi Throw. We hang with Matthew and Harrison in the kitchen for a taste of India, and Tia along with some other superstars at the hospital become works of art thanks to henna tattoos!

    Hosts: Dahlia, Frazer, Mackenziee, Matthew, Harrison and Tia

    Special thanks to: Dance Masala and Out of the Box Festival

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP35 - MAKING WAVES

    Air Date: 26/02/2018

    Get ready to ride some big waves made by an incredible group of people! Clare hits the high seas at tremendous speeds during the SuperFoiler Grand Prix! Sophie shares all things super sweet in an awesome new segment and we meet Olivia and Mila who are both making incredible splashes!

    Hosts: Harrison, Clare, Sophie and Mila

    Special thanks to: SuperFoiler Grand Prix and Olivia Hargroder

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP34 - MY JOB'S MAGIC

    Air Date: 19/02/2018

    Piper hosts this journey of wonder into magical jobs! Shelley discovers more about Paramedics, Isabella takes in some Street Science and it's another day at the office as magician Chris Wayne leaves everyone in awe!

    Hosts: Piper, Shelley and Isabella 

    Special thanks to: QAS - Queensland Ambulance Service, Street Science and Chris Wayne

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!



    Air Date: 12/02/2018

    Juiced TV host Harry is assembling some hospital heroes! Cooper uncovers the mystery behind radiology, Kahli introduces us to one of the many heroes working in oncology, and Andie Rose catches up with her heroes from 'Operation Ouch!'

    Hosts: Harry, Cooper, Kahli and Andie Rose

    Special thanks to: Operation OUCH Live

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our Facebook page!

  • img S4EP32 - SUPER SKILLS

    Air Date: 05/02/2018

    Time to get super pumped as your host, Whiteboard (Nick), brings you a super skilled episode of Juiced TV! Darcie hits the beach with the ever awesome Albatross Nippers, we look back at when Jake and Sam were schooled in super stunts and Harry discovers some song writing secrets from Josh Arnold!

    Hosts: Nick, Darcie, Jake, Sam and Harry

    Special thanks to: Albatross Nippers, AP8 Stunt Rigging and Training, Warner Bros. Movie World and Josh Arnold

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP31 - AIMING HIGH

    Air Date: 29/01/2018

    It's Juiced TV's third birthday and your host Fatima is giving you the gifts! Eli proves he's already got what it takes to be a fire fighter, Charlotte hangs with a nurse who works in the sky and Morghan discovers how to build a 78 storey treehouse from Andy Griffiths!

    Hosts: Fatima, Eli, Charlotte and Morghan

    Special thanks to: QFES - QLD Fire & Emergency Services, Lifeflight and QPAC

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 22/01/2018

    With Brodi as your host, we celebrate everything great about this Southern land, Australia! Kayleb meets some aussie animals at the hospital, Georgie, Joel, Kasey, Brooke and Lewis get some tips from the Brisbane Heat and Shania delves into Dreamtime stories!

    Hosts: Brodi, Kayleb, Georgie, Joel, Kasey, Brooke, Lewis and Shania

    Special thanks to: Wildlife HQ, Roxanne McDonald and Brisbane Heat

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 15/01/2018

    With Libby as your host, Juiced TV Superstars are giving you a look behind the action! Jaymon chats to some Cosplayers, Millie, Mia and Tommy get a look around a RAAF base, and Ruben and Kynan hang with the Brisbane Roar!

    Hosts: Libby, Jaymon, Millie, Mia, Tommy, Ruben and Kynan

    Special thanks to: Cosplay United, Australian Defence Force and Brisbane Roar

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 08/01/2018

    What you’re about to see is incredibly unreal! Kennedy and Sydney catch up with some crew who are getting the perfect pamper, Jack and some students from the hospital school enter a whole new world behind-the-scenes at Virgin Australia, and Elsie also discovers a whole new world, without going anywhere!

    Hosts: Josh, Kennedy, Sydney, Jack and Elsie

    Special thanks to: Sassy Chics, Virgin Australia, QUT, QUT Game Development Club

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 01/01/2018

    From the red carpet of Pitch Perfect 3, we look back at a Pitch Perfect year of Juiced TV! Sail and Jaxon catch up with some legends on the BMX track, DJ spits rhymes with epic beatboxer Tom Thum, Savannah and some other patients at the hospital get a very special visit from some Australia Zoo animals, and MacKenziee has an acca-awesome time hanging with the stars of Pitch Perfect 3!

    Hosts: Mackenziee, Sail, Jaxon, DJ and Seth

    Special thanks to: Universal Pictures Australia, EVENT Hospitality & Entertainment, UBER, BMX Australia, Tom Thum and Australia Zoo

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP26 - GET MOVING

    Air Date: 25/12/2017

    Amelia jumps into some action with the Bayside Skippers, Charli and Aaliyah search for a beat to dance to with the crew from Untapped and Angus learns how to bring characters to life through the art of stop motion!

    Hosts: Amelia, Charli, Aaliyah, Angus and Hayley

    Special thanks to: Bayside Skippers, Bazil Grumble and RAW Untapped

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 18/12/2017

    It’s the best time of year ever and here’s a Juiced Christmas gift just for you! Michael freaks out - but then discovers who’s filling in for Santa, the true meaning of Christmas is discovered with some of the Hospital’s incredible volunteers, and Maddy meets some special Christmas visitors - two stars from QLD Ballet's 'The Nutcracker'!

    Hosts: Michael, Madison, Charli, Aaliyah and Hayley

    Special thanks to: Stefan's MASKS Foundation, QPS, Queensland Ballet and Rydges South Bank

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 11/12/2017

    With Jenny as your host, Juiced TV is rocking it like a star this episode! Tiana catches up with the biggest names in Australian music at the 2017 ARIA awards and Maddy hangs out with Brisbane band Sheppard when they visit the hospital!

    Hosts: Jenny, Tiana and Maddy

    Special thanks to: ARIA Awards, Martini Media, EVENT Hospitality & Entertainment, UBER, Westfield Garden City and Sheppard

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 04/12/2017

    Declan busts boredom with a B themed show! Bella and Jack check out some awesome birds, the Brisbane Bullets bounce in to shoot hoops with Sebastien and Caleb hangs with the cast of Bambert's Book of Lost Stories!

    Hosts: Declan, Bella, Jack, Sebastien and Caleb

    Special thanks to: WildcallWildlife, Brisbane Bullets, QPAC and Barking Gecko

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S4EP22 - WILD TIMES

    Air Date: 27/11/2017

    Alexis and Sharni are bringing some wild times this week! Lachie goes for a walk with a tiger, Max catches up with Kieron who never stops running and Spiral and her family level up with some circus tricks!

    Hosts: Alexis, Sharni, Lachie, Max and Spiral

    Special thanks to: Dreamworld, Aerial Angels Academy and Kieron Douglass

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 


    Air Date: 20/11/2017

    Your host Dileesha has something huge in store in this massive episode! Charlie, Sebastian, Finlay and Henry climb aboard a US Navy ship, Henry takes us to a big day for George and Lachie, and Miles and Finn suit up to review Justice League!

    Hosts: Dileesha, Charlie, Sebastian, Finlay, Henry, George, Henry, Lachie, Miles and Finn

    Special thanks to: U.S. NAVY, The crew of the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6), Event Cinemas, AiirSource Military and Lester Hunt

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 13/11/2017

    As your host for this episode, Zoe brings you all kinds of super stories starting with 'S!' Sophie hangs with a personal stylist, Spiral meets a hospital hero doing super things, and Seth catches up with all sorts of species of animals when they drop by the hospital!

    Hosts: Zoe, Sophie, Spiral and Seth

    Special thanks to: Westfield Garden City, Bank of Queensland, Dr Navarro, Wildlife HQ and Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 06/11/2017

    Your hosts Clare, Lewis, Georgia and Alex celebrate the 2018 Commonwealth games with the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital School's Mini Commonwealth Games! They'll join school students and patients along with world class Australian Commonwealth Games athletes for an epic day of incredible sport!

    Hosts: Clare, Lewis, Georgia and Alex

    Special thanks to: Commonwealth Games Aus. Ikin Dance, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Collins Foods, Medirest, all Athletes & Competitors

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 30/10/2017

    It’s that time of year when Juiced TV goes a trick or treatin'!!! Cooper’s kitchen gets extra spooky with Sam Thaiday and some Halloween! Georgia and Zoe transform into witches with some special FX makeup, and something creepy crawls in when Elizabeth meets some unexpected hospital guests!

    Hosts: Bridget, Cooper, Georgia, Zoe and Elizabeth

    Special thanks to: Sam Thaiday, QLD Museum, Megan Farquharson and Australian Institute of Creative Design

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 26/10/2017

    Join Harry in the Asgard throne room for this epic episode! We look back at when Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston surprised Koen and other patients at the hospital, Jack, Aimee and Emily get a super exclusive tour of the set and interview the cast and crew during the filming of THOR: Ragnarok, and Lachie and some other special guests walk the red carpet of the Australian premiere for a review of the movie!

    Hosts: Harry, Koen, Jack, Aimee, Emily and Lachie

    Special thanks to: Marvel, Disney and Screen Queensland

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 16/10/2017

    This week, Lachie is your host for an episode crammed full of Circus, Craft and a celebration of Children's Week! Lachlan and Josephine visit Cirque du Soleil to go behind-the-scenes of TORUK - The first flight, Abigail and Zoe share their water polo skills and Cienna and Joshua journey back to medieval times for a craft sesh!

    Hosts: Lachie, Abigail, Zoe, Cienna, Joshua, Lachlan and Josephine

    Special thanks to: The Abbey Medieval Festival, TORUK - The first flight and Cirque Du Soleil

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 09/10/2017

    Join your episode host Elsie and our Juiced Superstars for the best of Brisbane! Matthew and Harrison take us on a wild ride around the EKKA with the Trackskill V8 team, Lachlan and his sisters host the Sunsuper Riverfire Party and then it's back to the EKKA with Hayley and Holly for some fun times at EKKAnites!

    Hosts: Elsie, Matthew, Harrison, Lachlan, Abby, Caitlin, Hayley and Holly

    Special thanks to: Ekka - Royal Queensland Show, UBER and Sunsuper

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP14 - EPIC EVENTS

    Air Date: 02/10/2017

    Your host Mackenziee is bringing you some epic events! Jorji rides along with the Carnival of flowers, Michael's skills on the lane will bowl you over, Connor shows us his favourites from the world of video games and Harmony tackles the latest version of Monopoly!

    Hosts: Mackenziee, Jorji, Michael, Connor and Harmony

    Special thanks to: Woolworths, Pine Valley Flowers and Hasbro Gaming

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP13 - THINGS WE HEART

    Air Date: 25/09/2017

    To honour World Heart Day, Jai has an episode about things we heart! He'll chat to a heart doctor, Balthazar and Shayne will discover a whole new world of toasties, Sam hangs with an E.N.T. doctor who is also a footy star and Bailey gets his Lego Ninjago on!

    Hosts: Jai, Balthazar, Shayne, Sam and Bailey

    Special thanks to: Darren Purchase, Bricks 4 Kids and Dr. Tony Parker 

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 18/09/2017

    Madison has a show full of dance, divas and underpants! Josephine shares her love of dance with the Dancing Wheelies, Milan gets a Little Mix surprise and Declan and Zach bring us a review of the Captain Underpants movie!

    Hosts: Madison, Josephine, Milan, Declan and Zach

    Special thanks to: Dancing Wheelies Inc, Little Mix, 20th Century Fox

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 11/09/2017

    Our host, Oliver takes us to new heights for fun! Declan catches up with an author of awesome books, Charlotte hangs with a nurse whose job takes her sky high, and Sophie and Tiana face off to make the ultimate pizza!

    Hosts: Oliver, Declan, Charlotte, Sophie and Tiana

    Special thanks to: Tristan Bancks, Life Flight and Popolo Pizza

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 04/09/2017

    WE choose to accept any challenge thrown our way on this episode of Juiced! Maxwell and Eli take on the Bridge to Brisbane, Abi lands us exclusive access at a Royal Ballet show and Clare tackles the challenges staying safe online!

    Hosts: Brieanna, Maxwell, Eli, Abi and Clare

    Special thanks to: The Royal Ballet, Bridge to Brisbane, QPAC, QPS and Child Protection

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 28/08/2017

    Angel hosts an episode for your dad, granddad or that special someone who takes care of you! We'll Marvel at the GOMA Marvel exhibition, visit the hospital EKKA party, craft some awesome gifts and journey to a galaxy far, far away!

    Hosts: Angel, Angus, Matthew, George, Connor, Joshua and Savannah

    Special thanks to: Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Bunnings Warehouse, Redback Garrison and Jokers Costume Hire

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP08 - HELPING HANDS

    Air Date: 21/08/2017

    Your host Tiana lends a helping hand to find you some awesome entertainment! Ally checks out a QLD Ambulance ride, Sky catches up with some authors and illustrators to discover how to go from idea to page and Declan meets a surgical admissions nurse to find out what really happens behind the doors!

    Hosts: Tiana, Ally, Sky and Declan

    Special thanks to: Queensland Ambulance Service and Celebration of Literature Festival

    Catch all our Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!



    Air Date: 14/08/2017

    When adventure calls, your host Max answers! Go on epic journeys as Matt and Thalia along with their crew tackle laser tag and the Brisbane River! Then things really get wild when Savannah and the rest of the hospital get some visitors from Australia Zoo!

    Hosts: Max, Matt, Thalia and Savannah

    Special thanks to: Riverlife and Australia Zoo

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP06 - THE 2017 JUICIES AWARDS!

    Air Date: 07/08/2017

    Get ready to celebrate the stars of Season 3 with Spiral and Balthazar at the 2017 Juicies Awards! Join Hayley on the red carpet and at the pre-party as our superstars come out to shine!

    Hosts: Spiral, Balthazar and Hayley

    Special thanks to: Forty Winks Jindalee and Loganholme, Event Cinemas, The Coffee Club, Sci-Fleet Toyota, Firefly Lighting, Kenner's Hire, Photo Booth Collective, The Prop House, Voxson, Staging Creations, Christopher Wayne, SoulCutz and Tophat and Tails Dance 

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 31/07/2017

    Join Cienna and Lenore to celebrate Australia's indigenous culture! Logan hangs with the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers! Chern'ee Sutton shares the secrets to her artwork! Brittney-Lee reads and sings along with author and singer, Lucas Proudfoot and Joshua gets the goss from Paralympian, Torita Blake!

    Hosts: Cienna, Brittney-Lee, Ayanna, Joshua and Logan

    Special thanks to: Nunukul Yuggera, Chern'ee Sutton, Lucas Proudfoot and Torita Blake

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP04 - FISH OUT OF WATER

    Air Date: 24/07/2017

    This episode, Cooper takes us to meet all sorts of "fish out of water." Kiah catches some sea creatures visiting the hospital, Frank discovers a friendly face who is always ready to help, and Tori shares the incredible next step in her hospital journey!

    Hosts: Cooper, Kiah, Frank and Tori

    Special thanks to: Ocean Life Education and Children's Health Queensland

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S4EP03 - SUPER CATCHY

    Air Date: 17/07/2017

    Lily and Emily are hosting a super catchy episode! Felise gets a song and a cut from Soulcutz, Amy picks up some moves from the QLD Performer's Academy and we look back at when Cate took to the red carpet for the premiere of "Trolls!"

    Hosts: Lily, Emily, Felise, Amy and Cate

    Special thanks to: Soulcutz, QLD Performer's Academy, 20th Century Fox, Jetstar, Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel, Humming in a Hummer.

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 10/07/2017

    Hosts Hayley and Jade are celebrating our State of Awesome! Brooke beefs up her footy skills with the help of Mr. Beefy and Brayden Torpy from the Easts Tigers, Holly and Chloe go behind the scenes at a QLD Ballet production and Lachlan, Caitlin, Abby get the scoop from the Maroons camp!

    Hosts: Hayley, Jade, Brooke, Holly, Chloe, Lachlan, Caitlin and Abby

    Special thanks to: Beefy's Pies, Eastern Suburbs Tigers, Queensland Ballet, Maroon Festival

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 03/07/2017

    We're starting season 4 with a splash as Jasmine and a group of Juiced Superstars take you to the first annual Paddle for Kids fundraising event supporting Juiced TV and the Children's Hospital Foundation!

    Hosts: Jasmine, Andie Rose, Mila, Holly, Chloe and Preston

    Special thanks to: Dragon Boat Queensland and the wonderful people who supported our fundraiser in many ways!

    Check out the Behind the Scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S3EP52 - THE GREATS

    Air Date: 26/06/2017

    Join your host Libby for the end of season 3 as she looks at some Juiced TV greats and back at two of her favourite stories. We'll find out how ordinary Dave became Cartoon Dave and discover an awesome, unusual hobby from a Cilento Celeb! Plus we'll head back to the time we built a gingerbread house as big as a house and when the EKKA visited the hospital!

    Hosts: Libby, Blake, Jordan, Ruby and Kael 

    Special thanks to: Rydges South Bank, The EKKA, Chris Wayne and Cartoon Dave 

  • img S3EP51 - FURRY FRIENDS

    Air Date: 19/06/2017

    In this episode, your host Bridie and our Juiced TV superstars are taking you to meet some furry friends - we'll pop into an RSPCA pop-up adoption, some adorable fuzzy Aussies will glide into the hospital, and head to work with a pet therapy dog!

    Hosts: Bridie, Rajashree, Madeline and Connar

    Special thanks to: RSPCA QLD, Rydges South Bank and Wildcall


    Air Date: 12/06/2017

    Lucas has something new just for you! It's all about new discoveries as we meet a brass quintet who drop by the hospital to play Disney songs, Cartoon Dave shares some tips, Magician Chris Wayne weaves his usual magic and some hospital school students journey to "the other side" to find out more about their teacher!

    Hosts: Lucas, Annie, Breana and Haedin

    Special thanks to: Brass Odyssey, Cartoon Dave and Chris Wayne

  • img S3EP49 - SWEET SKILLZ

    Air Date: 05/06/2017

    Lachlan shares some sweet skills (yes -with a Z!)

    We'll get your toes tappin' behind-the-scenes of tap show "Untapped!", discover superheroes performing an unbelievable feat, Lewis will show us how he levels up on the race track, and we catch up with some of Australia's best BMX champs!

    Hosts: Lachlan, Aaliyah, Charli, Jess, Lewis, Sail and Jaxon 

    Special thanks to: BMX Australia and RAW Untapped


    Air Date: 29/05/2017

    Set sail for adventure with Milan as she celebrates a pirate's life!

    Ula reflects on Captain Jack Sparrow's visit to the Lady Cliento Children's Hospital, then we're off to the QLD premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, where Eli will bring us interviews from the red carpet and a review of the movie!

    Hosts: Milan, Ula and Eli

    Special thanks to: Johnny Depp, Disney, Sea World Gold Coast and Disguises Costume Hire

  • img S3EP47 - SOUTH AMERICA

    Air Date: 22/05/2017

    Oscar takes us to South America! Get set to discover capoeira, beat the samba drums, marvel at Colombian dance and hang with a cheeky macaw! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come along for the ride! 

    Hosts: Oscar, Missy, Skyla, Hayley, Kennedy and Katrina 
    Special thanks to: Afrobeat, Colombian Dance Group Queensland, Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World and Xango Capoeira


    Air Date: 15/05/2017

    Grab your best buds for an episode that celebrates the best of friends and family! With Anjali as our guide, we're along for the ride as Steph meets Jazmin's four legged friend who's more than just a pet, DJ hangs with beatboxer Tom Thum, Cartoon Dave shares his skills and we meet some prehistoric pals!

    Hosts: Anjali, Steph, DJ, Royce, George and Henry

    Special thanks to: Tom Thum, Empower Assistance Dogs, Cartoon Dave and Queensland Museum


    Air Date: 08/05/2017

    We check out some great stuff you can do for mum or that awesome person in your life this Mother's Day! Our hosts whip up a french toast recipe in the kitchen, show you how to create your own beautiful blooms, and discover all the incredible things the volunteers do for patients around the hospital!

    Hosts: Sophie, Frank, Max, Kyle, Missy and Amelia

    Special thanks to: Pine Valley Florists


    Air Date: 01/05/2017

    It's a sports extravaganza brought to you by your host, Josh, who is joined by paralympics swimmer, Paige Leonhardt! Plus Liam meets some Canadian and American Ice Hockey players, Georgie discovers the world of sports aerobics, Harry meets a monster of the NFL world and Liam reviews the new Power Rangers movie!

    Hosts: Josh, Liam, Harry, Georgie and Liam

    Special thanks to: The Wayne Gretzky 2016 Ice Hockey Classic, TLA World Wide, IKIN Dance and Jesse Williams


    Air Date: 24/04/2017

    We bring you the sounds of music! Hass leads the way as we catch up with author and musician Lucas Proudfoot, hang with the Germein Sisters and learn the secrets of music therapy!

    Hosts: Hass, Brittney-Lee and Jordan

    Special thanks to: Lucas Proudfoot and The Germein Sisters

  • img S3EP42 - READ ALL ABOUT IT

    Air Date: 17/04/2017

    Read all about it! Rachael hosts as Clare takes you behind-the-scenes of the Courier Mail, where a huge surprise awaits her! Zahli will take us to the Children's Hospital Foundation's Easter Party, and in 'Kobe's Creepshow Corner', Kobe will review R.L Stine's "Night of the Living Dummy!"

    Hosts: Rachael, Clare, Zahli, Noah, Jacob and Kobe

    Special thanks to: The Courier Mail

  • img S3EP41 - RABBIT SEASON

    Air Date: 10/04/2017

    Ayanna has an Easter episode to get you ready for the season! Georgie conjures up  Easter animals with the help of a magician, Summer and Ryder show you how to prepare some Easter treats, we rub shoulders and pointed toes with the Queensland Ballet AND Mila and Andie Rose celebrate the International Day of Happiness with The Smurfs!

    Hosts: Ayanna, Georgie, DJ, Summer, Ryder, Clare, Cienna, Amelia, Mila and Andie Rose

    Special thanks to: Drace Illusionist, Woolworths, Queensland Ballet, SMURFS: The Lost Village, EVENT Hospitality & Entertainment


    Air Date: 03/04/2017

    Get ready to experience Building Brilliance with Christian as your guide. Sebastian and a team of patients are constructing superhero gadgets, Georgia and the Hospital School students discover how to code robots, and James, Kaleb and Grace swing into action for a review of the Lego Batman Movie!

    Hosts: Christian, Sebastian, Georgia, James, Kaleb and Grace

    Special thanks to: Bricks 4 Kidz, STEM Punks, The Lego Batman Movie and EVENT Hospitality and Entertainment


    Air Date: 27/03/2017

    In this episode your host Morghan takes you out and about to find things out! Jack and the hospital school students fly out to the airport for a behind-the-scenes tour of Virgin Australia, Isla discovers a tale as old as time and DJ checks out a formula 500 car!

    Hosts: Morghan, Jack, Isla and DJ

    Special thanks to: Virgin Australia, Brisbane Arts Theatre, Beauty & The Beast, Shout Communications, EVENT Hospitality & Entertainment, Tristan Johnson Racing

  • img S3EP38 - MAGIC MOMENTS

    Air Date: 20/03/2017

    Kelvin is bringing you an episode of Juiced filled with Magic Moments! Isabella discovers the Street Science secret to making snow, Lilly conjures up some awesome pancakes, Marnee tries some magic of her own and Chris Wayne shares an illusion that you can master yourself!

    Hosts: Kelvin, Isabella, Lilly and Marnee

  • img S3EP37 - KICK IT

    Air Date: 13/03/2017

    Kick it with your host Dominic as he celebrates St Patrick's Day and sports of all sorts! There's Irish Dancers, fancy freestyle football, get a visit from the Brisbane Broncos, and discover everything there is to know about the 2018 Commonwealth Games! 

    Hosts: Dominic, Grace, Lachi, Karlie, Tyler and Jamie

    Special thanks to: Lyngh Irish Dancing, Freestyle Football, Brisbane Broncos and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation


    Air Date: 06/03/2017

    Join Caleb as he takes you on a trip to China! We'll discover how Phu is taking on the Great Wall for epilepsy awareness, Frank will whip up a favourite Chinese dessert in the kitchen, Jasper uncovers the secret of the dancing lions and it's cuteness overload with red pandas!

    Hosts: Caleb, Frank and Jasper

    Special thanks to: Hock Chong Lion Dancers and Wildlife HQ Zoo


    Air Date: 27/02/2017

    Our hosts Natasha, Emily, Lilly and Holly take you on a safari of a different kind - a sand safari! But that's not all - we'll go ice sculpting, catch up with the inspirational animals from Storybook Farm, and chat with the voices behind The Simpsons, The Muppets, Transformers and more!

    Hosts: Natasha Lily, Emily Holly, Sam, Lachie, MacKenziee

    Special thanks to: Sand Safari Arts festival, Oz Comic-con, Ruby PR


    Air Date: 20/02/2017

    Join our host Tatenda and her co-host Sunday as they take you to Africa! The Hospital School students we'll discover the art of mask making, how to draw an African animal with Cartoon Dave and get closer than ever before to baboons! Get ready to drum up some fun as we explore Africa!!! 

    Hosts: Tatenda, Sunday and Zarra 

    Special thanks to: EG Incursions, Hello Africa and QLD Zoo

  • img S3EP33 - WE HEART ART

    Air Date: 13/02/2017

    We heart art and share the love by creating some awesome craft for Valentine's Day! With Missy as your guide you'll join Charlotte for some Mosaic making, Cartoon Dave shares some skills, the Hospital School Students get making with mud and Heidi and Claudia catch up with the one and only Mister Maker!

    Hosts: Missy, Lamby, Charlotte, Heidi and Claudia 

    Special Thanks To: OzMosaics, Cartoon Dave, Mudlarks, Mister Maker and QPAC


    Air Date: 06/02/2017

    Skyla, Hayley and Tayla bring you an episode that features sports of all sorts! Sebastien picks up some pro basketball tips from the Brisbane Bullets, Sean revs up for action on the track with two V8 champs and Jaxon gets a sporty surprise from two BMX legends!

    Hosts: Skyla, Hayley, Tayla, Sebastien, Sean and Jaxon

    Special thanks to: Brisbane Bullets, Red Bull Racing Australia and DK Bikes


    Air Date: 30/01/2017

    We are celebrating our 2nd birthday and you get all the presents! Join Holly and Chloe for an epic party that includes Jesse playing with guide dog pups, Mitchell tackling a Star Wars quiz and Rhianna hanging with some players from the Brisbane Heat cricket team... it's party time!!!

    Hosts: Holly, Chloe, Jesse, Mitchell and Rhianna
    Special thanks to: Guide Dogs Queensland and Brisbane Heat


    Air Date: 23/01/2017

    Let’s celebrate…with all things Australia! Lewis, Matilda, Hugo, Connar and Connor take us up close for some Aussie Animal Action at Lone Pine! There’s chaos in the kitchen as we discover the secrets behind the simple Lamington! And it wouldn’t be summer down under unless a ball gets smashed around, so Jamie, Josh and Adam go behind-the-scenes of the Brisbane International!

    Hosts: Heidi, Claudia, Lewis, Matilda, Hugo, Connar, Connor, Frank, Jamie and Josh
    Special thanks to: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Brisbane International 

    Catch all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


  • img S3EP29 - DIVE IN

    Air Date: 16/01/2017

    Dive into Juiced TV for non-stop fun with your host, Jaydean! In this episode we'll discover the best way to have fun in the sun, make some new friends with some sea creatures, take the plunge for an epic dive and hang with the Queensland police dive unit to check out their awesome toys!

    Hosts: Jaydean, Kiah, Joy, Chloe, Lara and Xavia

    Special thanks to: Surf Life Saving Queensland, Queensland Police Service, Seaworld, Sea Life Mooloolaba, images by and Sharna Rae

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S3EP28 - IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC

    Air Date: 09/01/2017

    Get ready to be spellbound by this episode of Juiced TV!!! Dynamo shares a trick or two with an epic visit to the hospital and Chris Wayne also brings some wonder and awe! Plus it’s pure magic behind the wheel and in the air when Lewis, along with his sister Brooke, get a special behind-the-scenes tour of their favourite stunt show!

    Hosts: Tori, Lewis, Brooke and Jamie 

    Special thanks to: Dynamo, Chris Wayne, Warner Bros. Movie World

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 02/01/2017

    Christmas may be over, but we still have an awesome gift left for you to unwrap... the first episode of Juiced TV for 2017!! This episode is the gift that keeps on giving. We catch up with Freya and discovery why her gift shop is more than it seems. Dana drops by the hospital to share some fun fitness tips. Mackenziee does her usual awesome thing and brings us all the magic goss from a Harry Potter star, and Royce goes mad for Monster Jam!!

    Hosts: Nirvana, Freya, Mackenziee and Royce

    Special thanks to: Thinking of you Gift, Dana Landgren and Oz Comic Con

    Catch all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S3EP26 - BEST OF 2016

    Air Date: 26/12/2016

    Get ready to celebrate 2016 as we check out the best of Juiced TV! We're talking the Juicy highlights from all of our VIP visits, animal encounters, sweet skills AND celeb catch-ups! Strap yourself in, this is going to be a mega rollercoaster ride you'll never want to get off!

    Hosts: Brianna leads the way as we hit rewind on the year!

    Special thanks to: EVERYONE who has been involved in Juiced TV and making 2016 a year we will never forget!


    Air Date: 19/12/2016

    Just in time for Christmas is an episode of Juiced TV stuffed with festive fun! Join Ella and Santa as they take you on a holly jolly adventure! Chloe and Holly go behind the scenes of The Nutcracker! Ruby, Elizabeth and the crew build a gingerbread house! Sophie rides with MASKS, Kennedy hosts the hospital Christmas party, and Josh gets a superstar visit from the star of Red Dog: True Blue!

    Hosts: Ella, Holly, Chloe, Ruby, Elizabeth, Sophie, Kennedy, Josh, Jackson, Aoife and Kaea

    Special thanks to: Rydges Southbank, Stefan's MASKS Foundation, Queensland Police, Chris Wayne, Queensland Ballet, Red Dog: True Blue, Village Roadshow, The Prophouse and Kennards Hire

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 12/12/2016

    Hungry for some entertainment? Our hosts, led by Jack, are ready to serve up some fun! Andie Rose and Mila catch up with the crew from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Show! Olivia discovers the work of artist, Jandamarra and Jess and Kiah check out a special screening of Disney's Moana and bring you their reviews! 

    Hosts: Jack, Mila, Andie Rose, Olivia, Jess and Kiah

    Special thanks to: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show, Jandamarra Cadd, Disney and Shout Communications

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 05/12/2016

    Roll up, roll up for performance after performance of epic proportions! Tori has a show like no other! We get a behind the scenes look at Cirque De Soleil's "KOOZA", a peek behind the art of mask gets freaky and funny, and it's a super celeb surprise for Amelia!

    Hosts: Tori, Charles, Katie, Milan, Holly, Chloe, Amelia

    Special thanks to: Kooza - Cirque Du Soleil, Homunculus Theatre Company, Dami Im, Triple M, Sony Music and Celebrity and Hollywood Gifting

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 28/11/2016

    Get imaginative with this episode of Juiced TV! David Hamilton pops by the hospital with his company of puppets and shows us how to create puppets anywhere with anything! Our host Jess reveals some magic and the secrets behind it! And it's a superstar surprise for Cate as she goes on a super happy fun adventure to the premiere of Trolls to chat with Justin Timberlake!

    Hosts: Jess and Cate

    Special thanks to: David Hamilton Puppets, 20th Century Fox, Jetstar, Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel, Humming in a Hummer and Chatterbox Communications

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page! 

  • img S3EP21 - MEGA MASH-UP

    Air Date: 24/11/2016

    This episode of Juiced is a mega mash-up of fun! Lenny and Henry ride the HIT 105 airwaves with the breakfast team, some eight legged friends get Elizabeth's spider senses tingling - but that's not all! Preston and Nick dish up a delicious dessert of their own, we meet one of the best buds a boy could have AND prepare to have your socks knocked off by some Oz Comic Con costume craziness!

    Hosts: Tate, Lenny, Henry, Elizabeth, Preston, Nick, Lewis, Brooke and Mackenziee

    Special thanks to: HIT 105, QLD Museum, Oz Comic Con, ALH Group and the Breakfast Creek Hotel

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 14/11/2016

    Charles brings you an ep full of cells and secrets revealed! Mackenziee catches up with the voice of Super Mario! Lenny, Henry, Leroy and Lilly discover the mysteries of Queensland's parliament house! We meet Baylee and Morghan chats with Ronan Keating during his visit to the hospital!

    Hosts: Charles, Mackenziee, Lenny, Henry, Leroy, Lilly, Baylee and Morghan

    Special thanks to: Universal Music Group, Parliament House, Ronan Keating, Oz Comic Con and Blue Planet PR

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    Air Date: 07/11/2016

    We're checking out people who have found the perfect part for themselves (plus there's also a party)! Calista chats with Slip-on Stereo, Georgie interviews a porter on her very own talk show, Leo goes in search of a job and Milan brings us the highlights of the hospital's Halloween Party!

    Hosts: Bella, Calista, Georgie, Leo and Milan

    Special thanks to: Woolworths and Slip-on Stereo

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    Air Date: 31/10/2016

    Kuzi brings you an ep that's fun to say AND fun to watch! Talieah rocks out with the Australian Army band that are nothing like you'd expect! Henry and George hang with the QLD Reds, and Kirra and the hospital school students fight evil with Foodtoons!

    Hosts: Kuzi, Talieah, Henry, George and Kirra

    Special thanks to: Toonworld, QLD Reds and the Australian Army Band

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    Air Date: 24/10/2016

    It's the week leading up to Halloween so why not get in the spooky spirit with Juiced TV's Halloween special! Your horror host Besa delivers three tales of terror; Make-up artists deliver monster make-overs, Chris Wayne conjures up some tricks to go with the treats, and Poppy's scary short story comes to life for some freaky fun!

    Hosts: Besa, Poppy and Ethan

    Special thanks to: Disguises Costume Hire and Sales, Pretty Little Thingz FX, Chris Wayne, Mt Cotton Community and Redlands City Council

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!

  • img S3EP16 - BIG FUN!

    Air Date: 17/10/2016

    Get ready for some BIG fun from our host, Caitlin! Royce and Mathew come face to face with the monsters of Monster Jam! Lily gets the BIG scoop at a mini news studio! Jakob gets the DL on OT, and Tiffany and Kennedy go singin' in the rain!

    Hosts: Caitlin, Mathew, Royce, Lily, Jakob, Tiffany and Kennedy

    Special thanks to: Nine News Mini Studio, Monster Jam and Singin' in the Rain

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 10/10/2016

    Brother and sister, Aiden and Mya bring you this episode of Juiced TV! We'll catch up with Tiffany who has everyone cheering, Clay who is hanging with a member of the Hot Wheels stunt team, and Tayshawn gets an exclusive up close interview with Mr. Clooney!

    Hosts: Aidan, Mya, Tiffany, Clay and Tayshawn

    Special thanks to: Nine News Pop up Studio, Monster Jam Australia and Singin' in the Rain

    Check out all of our behind the scenes photos on our FACEBOOK page!


    Air Date: 03/10/2016

    Our hosts Anthony, Haylee and Tamara are taking you to the hospital rooftop party to show you why Sunsuper Riverfire rocks! Rosa joins some army pilots and the rest of the kids from the hospital for a special flyover, Baylee discovers how fireworks are made, and Millie, Mia and Tommy get amongst some awesome toys at the RAAF base!

    Hosts: Anthony, Haylee, Tamara, Rosa, Baylee, Millie, Mia and Tommy

    Special thanks to: Foti Fireworks, Sunsuper, Australian Defence Force, Nine Network, Photos supplied by Daniel Shoebridge


    Air Date: 26/09/2016

    We celebrate awesome achievements of all kinds this episode! Our hosts Kyle and Elana bring the crazy as they lead up to an achievement of epic proportions for Kyle! Hugo meets the Wallabies, Jack discovers some Fire Fighters who are striking some positive poses, and Rhianna finds something awesome happening around every corner of the hospital!

    Hosts: Kyle & Elana, Hugo, Jack and Rhianna

    Special thanks to: The Wallabies, Firefighters Calendar, ARU Media and FOX SPORTS Australia


    Air Date: 19/09/2016

    Let's witness some incredible feats courtesy of our host, Cruz! Pip Catches up with Holley Somerville-Knott who is doing all kinds of wonders for people, animals and the planet! Griffith hangs with some of the Sydney Roosters and shares an amazing story! We find out what a Cuddle Carer does and Rhianna meets Linsey Pollack who can create music from almost anything!

    Hosts: Cruz, Griffith and Rhianna

    Special thanks to: Linsey Pollack, Holley Somerville-Knott and Steggles Sydney Roosters  


    Air Date: 12/09/2016

    Assemble the heroes in your life for a special SuperHero episode of Juiced TV! Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) drop by the hospital to visit the kids and surprise our host, Koen! Jake and Sam discover superpowers thanks to a stunt academy! Carly uncovers a secret identity at the hospital and To'a chats to Tony Dee who is front and centre with the superhumans! Join us for a show that proves heroes ARE everywhere!

    Hosts: Koen, Jake, Sam, Carly and To'a

    Special thanks to: Marvel Studios, AP8 Stunt Rigging and Training, Warner Bros. Movie World, Tony Dee and Channel 4


    Air Date: 05/09/2016

    Hosted by Kirra this episode of Juiced sees Josh and some of the kids from the hospital walk the green carpet for a review of "The Secret Life Of Pets!" Maxwell, Jo and Jazmyn run the Bridge to Brisbane, we catch up with a Paralympian before he heads to the games and Charlotte and Ollie go animal crazy at the Ekka!

    Hosts: Kirra, Josh, Maxwell, Jo, Jazmyn, Charlotte and Ollie

    Special thanks to: Centenary Archers Club, Jonathon Milne, Ekka, Universal Pictures Australia, Bridge to Brisbane, QFES

  • img S3EP09 - THE SECRET LIFE OF...

    Air Date: 29/08/2016

    We explore the lives all of kinds of incredible people and creatures in this episode! Our host Leo shares a song he wrote and recorded with Megan Washington, Gynaya busts a move with an awesome hip hop crew, Jack hangs with some crazy Lumberjacks and Xaph takes us into the wonderful secret life of a pet therapy dog!

    Hosts: Leo, Gynaya, Jack and Xaph

    Special thanks to: Bust A Move Dance and EKKA


    Air Date: 22/08/2016

    BREAKING NEWS: It's showtime and for those at the hospital who can't make it, the EKKA comes to them! Our hosts take us into the thick of the fun, festivities and fairy floss! Then Abbie, Phoebe and Jorji catch up with Melissa Downes as they go behind-the-scenes at Channel Nine and discover how the news gets to air!

    Hosts: Isabella, Kael, Maya, Rhianna, Abbie, Jorji and Phoebe

    Special thanks to: Ekka and Nine Network Queensland


    Air Date: 15/08/2016

    This episode is filled with all kinds of wonders! Juiced TV is bringing magic, fairies and freaky science to the hospital with the help of our hosts, Professor Jellybean and a security guard with a not-so-hidden talent! 

    Hosts: Poppy, Ramon, Caitlin

    Special thanks to: Professor Jellybean, Chris Wayne Magic and Donna Hotz


    Air Date: 08/08/2016

    It's a reptile rampage as goannas, snakes, and crocodiles descend on the hospital! Plus Will catches up with some awesome volunteers and Chris Wayne and Mike leave Pip speechless with a trick that has to be seen to be believed!

    Hosts: Alex, Olivia, Will

    Special Thanks to: Reptile Relocation and Awareness, Chris Wayne Magic

  • img S3EP05 - 2016 JUICIES AWARDS

    Air Date: 01/08/2016

    It's all the glitz, glamour and mega smiles of the 2016 Juicies Awards!

    Special thanks to: Forty Winks Jindalee & Loganholme, Event Cinemas, Firefly Lighting, The Coffee Club, BAC Signs & Printing, Energex, The Banner Specialists, Action Photo Booth, Josh Norbido Illusionist, The Bentley String Quartet, QFES, Bust A Move Dance, TopHat & Tails Dance Troupe and Danibelle's Musicadium

  • img S3EP04 - MINI OLYMPICS 2016

    Air Date: 25/07/2016

    With the 2016 OLYMPICS not too far away, it's time to get into the sporting spirit and bring Rio to the Lady Client Children's Hospital! It's the MINI OLYMPICS! Join the hospital school students and some of the world's best Athletes as they go for gold!

    Hosts: Kennedy, Lenny, Kyle, Henry, Conrad, Adam, Jesse

    Special thanks to: Queensland Academy of Sport, Curtis Maher, Ikin Dance, Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World, Collins Group and Brenden Hall


    Air Date: 18/07/2016

    Our amazing hosts hang with the ultimate squads! Liam chats with players from the American and Canadian Ice Hockey teams as they drop by the Hospital for a visit! Vanessa and Tom let us know if the new Ghostbusters are worth the call! Drake Illusionist brings some magic and Bodey, Kyle, and Elana join the Brisbane Lions for a training sesh! Copyright Juiced Enterprises 2016

    Hosts: Bodey, Kyle, Elana, Venessa, Tom, Liam and Brittney-Lee 

    Special thanks to: The Wayne Gretzky 2016 Ice Hockey Classic, TLA Worldwide, Sony Pictures Australia, Event Cinemas, Brisbane Lions Football Club and Drace Illusionist 


    Air Date: 11/07/2016

    Prepare to take walk with prehistoric beasts, go a little bit bonkers at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, whip up a storm with The Coffee Club, then delve into the magical world of Disney... on Ice!!

    Hosts: Madeline, Rhianna, George, Henry, Royce and Bridget

    Special thanks to: Queensland Museum, Disney On Ice, Kangaroo Bus Lines, The Coffee Club    


    Air Date: 04/07/2016

    It's the first episode of season 3- and we party on by putting you front and centre at Festivals of Fun! Mackenziee takes us to the fun at the 'Out-of-the-Box' Festival, Lewis learns to ice skate on his new prosthetic leg, and Samantha goes inside ONE of a gazillion bubbles!

    Hosts: Mackenziee, Lewis and Sam

    Special thanks to: Out-Of-The-Box Festival, Winter Festival Brisbane, Ice Hockey QLD, The Southern Stars Ice Hockey team and EVENT cinemas.


    Air Date: 27/06/2016

    Take a walk on the wildside in our latest episode - we head on Safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo, Gynaya and the hospital school take to the stage with the Ikin Elite Dance troupe, Connar talks turtles who have some moves of their own, plus we check out a classic at the Queensland Ballet!

    Hosts: Britney-Lee, Gynaya, Connar, Bella, Josh, Jess, Anabelle

    Special thanks to: Ikin Dance, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Wildcat Wildlife, Queensland Ballet


    Air Date: 20/06/2016

    Get ready for a wild, magical ride as we fire up this episode of Juiced - Brittney gets a sneak peek at “Finding Dory”, Bella, Josh and Jess take us into the wilds of Werribe Open Range Zoo, and an Illusionist appears to create some eye-popping wonders. Plus we saddle up with Jo as she meets a trick rider with amazing talent!

    Hosts: Leo, Bella, Josh, Jess, Britney-lee, Sam and Jo

    Special thanks to: Werribee Open Range Zoo, Disney Pixar, Shout Communications, Drace Illusionist, Outback Spectacular and Warner Village Theme parks 


    Air Date: 13/06/2016

    This episode is of Juiced TV is fully loaded with everything we love! Epic challenges as two teams battle it out in the Awesomedome!! Massive creatures come slithering in! Plus there's cute and fluffy ones too! The extreme workout of sports aerobics, and there's still time for CHOCOLATE as we visit a chocolatier!

    Hosts: Preston, Kendall, Jonty, Georgie, Connar, Bella, Josh and Jess

    Special thanks to: Kennards Hire, Ikin Dance, Wildcall Wildlife and Tad Lombardo from Prahran Market

  • img S2EP49 - LET'S CELEBRATE

    Air Date: 06/06/2016

    It’s party time as we gear up for an epic episode of entertainment! We take to the streets of MovieWorld for celebrity guest Samantha Jade and the colour and craziness of Carnivale! There's a look behind-the-scenes at Brisbane Arts Theatre's costume department, and a sneak peak at the Out Of The Box Festival!

    Hosts: Jacob, Sharai, Abbie, Sienna, Jaz, Ione

    Special thanks to: Warner Bros. MovieWorld, Brisbane Arts Theatre, Out Of The Box Festival,  and Samantha Jade.

  • img S2EP48 - FIRE & ICE

    Air Date: 30/05/2016

    It’s a special ‘Fire and Ice’ episode of Juiced TV! Things heat up as we take a behind the scenes tour of Queensland’s largest Fire station, and get some cheerleading tips from the ‘Hog’s Breath Cafe Sirens’, but we also bring the chill factor with some incredible ice sculpting - and see what’s in store for Disney on Ice’s Magical Ice Festival!

    Hosts: Isabella, Ione, and Lachie

    Special thanks to: Disney On Ice, Ikin Dance Australia, The Hogs Breath Café Sirens, Queensland Fire & Emergency Service, Roma St Fire Station, and Angel Ice Sculptures.


    Air Date: 23/05/2016

    This episode certainly gets the seal of approval! Our host Lewis takes us on to running camp as he learns to run again with his prosthetic leg, Chris Wayne is back and as always brings dazzling magic tricks and lots of laughs, plus Carter gets up close with one cheeky resident of Sea World!

    Hosts: Lewis, Carter, Charlize

    Special thanks to: Sea World, Ossur Australia, Limbs 4 Life, Chris Wayne, Cartoon Dave


    Air Date: 16/05/2016

    Get ready for the most star studded episode of Juiced TV yet - as Josh, Bella and Jess take you to Melbourne an on to the red carpet at the 2016 TV Week Logie Awards!

    Hosts: Josh, Bella and Jessica

    Special thanks to: Event Hospitality and Entertainment, Rydges St Kilda, TV Week, Tad Lombardo from Prahran Market, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Runway Room, and all of the amazing celebrities who stopped by and gave us so much time on the red carpet!


    Air Date: 09/05/2016

    It’s Volunteers Week!..... and this episode of Juiced TV goes out to all the amazing people who help make our stay in hospital  better in so many ways. Hosted by Mitchell, we also celebrate International Nurses Day with Nurse Jamie! This one’s for all of you!

    Hosts: Mitchell, Elizabeth, Maxwell, Alexis

    Special thanks to: Christopher Wayne Magic, Kieron Douglass, Queensland Academy of Sport, 1200kms for Kids


    Air Date: 02/05/2016

    We get time to hang out with the very inspirational and gold medal winning Paralympian Brenden Hall, and our host Sharai shows us how you can create your very own 'Mumma-Lisa!' (See what we did there?)

    Hosts: Sharai and Rachel

    Special Thanks To: Cork and Chroma Brisbane, Brenden Hall and Australian Hearing

  • img S2EP43 - TRASH 'N' TREASURE

    Air Date: 25/04/2016

    Get ready to turn trash in to treasure! Bella leads the way as we get our hands dirty and turn garbage into creative masterpieces, plus she bravely shares with us her Cancer journey so far, Gorgia from Cairns Hospital introduces us to one of her nurses, and Paige and Taylor give us their review on the Australian Ballet’s performance of ‘The Sleeping Beauty’!

    Hosts: Bella, Gorgia, Paige, Taylor, Gulwa, Jaianne, Rachel, Yasmin, Madison, Konan, Casey, Alice, Lisa, Gabe, Samson

    Special thanks to: Reverse Garbage Queensland, The Australian Ballet


  • img S2EP42 - SNAP HAPPY

    Air Date: 18/04/2016

    In this episode, our host Bonnie tells us how having type 1 diabetes doesn't stop her from doing what she wants. We step foot behind the scenes of the latest Jungle Book blockbuster, budding snapper Sierra finds out what it takes to be a photographer and travel the world, and of course we have Chris Wayne back to shock us all with his electrifying static electricity illusion. Say Cheese!

    Hosts: Bonnie, Sierra, Cam, Jack, Ella, Jackson

    Junior Crew: Luke and Tim

    Special Thanks To: John Feely, Event Cinemas, Chris Wayne


    Air Date: 11/04/2016

    Jack guides us through an episode of wilderness and wonderment...Georgie travels to Australia Zoo for a rare encounter with a white rhino, we venture behind the scenes of the Lady Cliento Children's Hospital kitchen, and volunteer Damian introduces us to a rare species of pink and purple tiger.

    Hosts: Jack, Georgie, Cosi, Jordan, Kuzi, Gynaya, Jack

    Special thanks to: Australia Zoo, Medirest, Event Cinemas


    Air Date: 04/04/2016

    This episode hosted by Josh celebrates some amazing and unique talents! Six-year-old pocket rocket Josh puts his impressive skills to the test in a hospital obstacle course challenge.... Amelia joins the chorus line with the cast of Sound of Music, the Musical...Bella shares her theatre review... and magician Chris Wayne shows us what's up his sleeve. We also give some of the Juiced Crew the chance to show off their party tricks!

    Hosts: Josh, Bella, Amelia, Mitchell

    Special thanks to: Cinnamon Watson Publicity and The cast and crew of Sound of Music  


    Air Date: 29/03/2016

    Jorji takes to the microphone as we recap on the Easter celebrations that have taken place at the hospital, Chris Wayne once again leaves us speechless with his magic tricks, and the moment we've all been waiting for - the full interview with Ula and David Campbell at the preview screening of Disney's Zootopia!

    Hosts: Jorji, Ula, Shania, Mitchell

    Special thanks to: David Campbell, Shout Communications, Disney, Event Cinemas Myer Centre, Chris Wayne, MASKS Foundation Qld, Queensland Police Service


    Air Date: 21/03/2016

    Check out this special episode hosted by Faith and Savanna. In the lead up to Easter, we are on the hunt for the best hot cross buns and getting our hands dirty in the brand new kitchen at the Rydges Hotel in Fortitude Valley. There's also a touch of Easter magic with Chris Wayne and we bounce on over to hang out with the junior school kids at the hospital! Let's hop to it!

    Hosts: Faith, Savanna, Cooper, Aden, Thor, Gabe, Ethan, Dane, Toby, Carter

    Special thanks to: Rydges Hotel Fortitude Valley, LCCH Junior School, Christopher Wayne

  • img S2EP37 - LET'S GO TROPPO

    Air Date: 14/03/2016

    It's fiesta time in this episode of Juiced TV! We beat box with our host Ramon, drum up some carnival rhythms with Katrina, ring the bell with Lachie and Preston chats to one crazy camera guy! Let's go troppo!

    Hosts: Ramon, Katrina, Amos, Bailey, Toby, James, Tobi, Preston

    Special thanks to: Marcelo from Afrobeat!


    Air Date: 08/03/2016

    It’s an outback spectacular! The country comes to the city in this episode hosted by Ione. We get a visit from an animal rescue farm's newest and cutest members. The amazing artist Chern'ee lets us put our mark on her latest 3D masterpiece, and Kuzi teaches some volunteers how to play charades!

    Hosts: Ione, Ayanna, Jack, Kuzi

    Special thanks to: Serendipity Farms, Chern'ee Sutton, Snake Gully Bush Band, Event Cinemas


    Air Date: 29/02/2016

    Dig in to this week’s episode hosted by Kennedy, as we forage for fossils with Australia’s dinosaur expert, Dr Scott...go on safari with the seals at Sea World... and learn some ball skills with the very cool Mac Millar....Let’s get rolling!

    Hosts: Kennedy, Carter, Isabella

    Special thanks to: Mac Millar, Dr Scott Hocknull, Sea World, Carlie Sparkle


    Air Date: 23/02/2016

    Join host Ayanna in this episode of exploration as we discover mysterious creatures of the deep, hang out with local author and adventurer Richard Newsome and scale the school walls at the hospital.

    Hosts: Ayanna, Mitchell, Danielle, Sarthak, Brianna, Ashton, Alex, Kennedy, Zakiya, Iesha, Destiny, Cooper, Cam

    Special thanks to: Richard Newsome, Sea Life, Event Cinemas, Disney Film Festival, Merlin's Magic Wand, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 17/02/2016

    Follow the clues to solve the case of the safe, watch and learn as some of the secrets behind Chris Wayne's illusions are revealed, and dance along with us...Bollywood style!

    Hosts: Jiana, Aidan, Jade

    Special thanks to: Dance Masala, Chris Wayne, Nathan Schulz,  EG Incursions, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 08/02/2016

    In this week's episode hosted by Keisha, we celebrate Chinese New Year with a special Lion dance at the hospital, sharpen our drawing skills with Cartoon Dave, snuggle up with a red panda... and get serenaded by ARIA award winner, Conrad Sewell!

    Hosts: Keisha, Jasper, Rhianna

    Special thanks to: Cartoon Dave, Hock Chong Lion Dance, Wildlife HQ, Conrad Sewell, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 01/02/2016

    In this episode hosted by Todd, our roving reporters take us backstage at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex as they run away with the circus and warm up with the Ballet Theatre of Queensland. We also form our own Indonesian percussion ensemble at the hospital and King Henry teaches us a neat new golf game you can play anywhere!

    Hosts: Todd, Angel, Madeline, Sarah, Remy, Lilly, Jack, Mackenzie

    Special thanks to: EG Incursions, QPAC, Cirque Adrenaline, Ballet Theatre of Queensland, Henry Epstein, Motion Focus Music.


    Air Date: 25/01/2016

    Join us and our hosts Jadyn and Xander as we sing along with a good old fashioned bush band, learn the secret to making an Aussie favourite – Sizzler cheese toast! And meet an Australian golfing legend with a magical touch!

    Hosts: Jadyn, Xander, Abbi, Jordan, MJ, Jackson, Leon, Tahli, Bonnie

    Junior Crew: Preston

    Special thanks to: Snake Gully Bush Band, Collins Food Limited, Sizzler, Henry Epstein, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 18/01/2016

    Roll up, roll up for this episode hosted by ringmaster David! Today the circus comes to town! Join us for death-defying stunts, mind-boggling magic and an inside look at the Brisbane Heat headquarters. Let the show begin!

    Hosts: David, Clay, Zakiya, Jack, Hamish, Charlie

    Special thanks to: Carnival of the Animals, CIRCA, Brisbane Heat, N Media, Chris Wayne Magic, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 11/01/2016

    In this episode hosted by Savannah, we meet one of our lovely volunteers, take cupcake decorating to the next level in the rehab kitchen, check out the cheeky chipmunks hitting the big screen AND – get to sit down with the master builder himself, Brickman!

    Hosts: Savannah, Lachlan, Mitchell, Azaria, Calvin, Jackson

    Special thanks to: Tim and Event Cinemas, Ryan McNaught 'The Brickman', Treasury Casino and Hotel, Brisbane Heat, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 04/01/2016

    Hip Hip Hooray it's our first Birthday!!! What an amazing 12 months it's been. 52 episodes, over 750 patients and families making their own amazing TV show and so many memories being made.

    Hosts: Joy, Hayley, Chloe and Sienna

    Special thanks to: Event Cinemas, Chris Wayne, Medirest (for making our deeeelicious birthday Cake!) and every person and company who has supported us in our first year!

  • img S2EP26 - END OF YEAR FUN!

    Air Date: 28/12/2015

    Our last episode of 2015 is here! We're wrapping up the year with one of our best episodes yet as we catch up with some of Australia’s softball superstars from Queensland Heat & Queensland Patriots, Jorji gets time to chat with the girls from her favourite band Sheppard, plus we meet we met world Lego robotics expert Dr Damien Kee from Domabotics!

    Hosts: Karina, Hannah, Charlotte, Louis, and Jorji!

    Special thanks to: Damien Kee, Queensland Heat, Queensland Patriots, Sheppard, Softball Queensland, AHL, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 21/12/2015

    It's the season to be jolly and we have a very merry episode for you this week! The Christmas magic comes alive – as Chris Wayne makes it snow at the hospital, some of our wishes come true...and...our roving reporters get the celebrity treatment from the MASKS foundation! Let the festivities begin!

    Hosts: Venessa, Bridget, Rhianna, Elana, Kyle, Sophie, Lucy, Tom, Xavier, Lorelei, Kendall, Madison, Marnee, Tydan, Charlie

    Junior Crew: Lorelei, Finlay, Xavier 

    Special thanks to: Santa, Chris Wayne, Sunshine Coast Pony Parties, Kangaroo Bus Lines, The Coffee Club, Oaks Hotels and Resorts, Kennards Hire, Get Hummered, Alexa Curtis, Craig Ingham, MASKS Foundation, Stefan Hair Fashions, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 14/12/2015

    In this week’s episode we are treated to a sneak peak into the latest production at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, get roped in by Chris Wayne's magic and...our roving reporters have a dream night out at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Hosts: Kaylah, Natasha, Lily, Jake, Hayley, Jazmin, Joy, Levi, Tobi, Bryson, Callin, Lachlan, Azaria, Jiana

    Special thanks to: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Cartoon Dave, Chris Wayne, Motion Focus Music

  • img S2EP23 - ANIMALS ROCK!

    Air Date: 07/12/2015

    Today’s episode is about all creatures great and small. We meet Asko the police dog, some cute and creepy critters from Wildlife HQ and...Shelley Craft brings along her band to prove that Animals Rock!!

    Junior Crew: Kyle

    Hosts: Zakiya, Mia, Katharine, Breeanna, Emily, Mekayla

    Special thanks to: Shelley Craft, Animals Rock, Wildlife HQ, Queensland Police Dog Squad, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 30/11/2015

    In this episode, we head to the pool for a performance fit for the Olympics, we meet the incredible Lucky who dropped in to tell us her story and the amazing Chris Wayne returns to light up the set with his magic!

    Hosts: Georgie, Ella, Talitha, Liliana, 

    Special Thanks To: Lakeisha 'Lucky' Patterson, Mel & Chris Wright from QAS Sport, Tim & Event Cinemas, Chris Wayne, Motion Focus Music

  • img S2EP21 - DREAM GUARDS

    Air Date: 23/11/2015

    In this episode hosted by Emily, we learn some awesome new skills to wow our friends, get up close with some slimy sea creatures and hear some pet-keeping tips from our friendly vet, Dr Bec.

    Hosts: Emily, Nicholas, Eboneigh, Abigail

    Special thanks to: Vision Freestyle, Dream Guards, Dr Rebecca Millers, Ocean Life, National Geographic, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 16/11/2015

    In this episode hosted by Justin, we drop in on some polar bears at Seaworld, get creative with Carlie Sparkle and...some of our Juiced reporters get put in the hot seat for a taste of what it’s really like in the world of TV.

    Hosts: Justin, Jordan, Maxwell

    Special thanks to: Carlie Sparkle, The Dream Guards, Totally Wild, The Today Show, SeaWorld, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 09/11/2015

    This episode gets pretty hairy as some furry guests try to take over the Juiced TV set. Plus, roving reporter Maxwell becomes scientist for the day... and... some special nurses put their best feet forward!

    Hosts: Alex, Angie, Jesie, Maxwell, Sophie

    Junior Crew: Darwin, Isabella, Caine, Michael

    Special thanks to: Rescue 500, Brisbane Arts Theatre, Dr Andy Moore, Qld Children's Tumour Bank

  • img S2EP18 - MEET RESCUE 500

    Air Date: 02/11/2015

    This episode is action packed! We get our imaginations moving with the Dream Guards, write a song with our very own Tim Minchin, and.... hang out on the helicopter pad with the courageous Rescue 500. Prepare for take-off!

    Hosts: Harlan, Jordan, Makayla, Caleb, Harry, Pavlos, Alex, Isla, Emily, Seth, Zabian

    Special thanks to: The Dream Guards, Rescue 500, Wildcall Wildlife, Briscks4Kidz,Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 26/10/2015

    It’s creepy and it’s spooky, mysterious and kooky. It’s the Juiced TV Halloween Special! In this episode, you’ll learn some incredible special effects make-up for the ultimate Halloween disguise, how to create your very own magic wand... and get completely creeped out by some mind-blowing magic!

    Hosts: Caitlin, Gandalf (Alex), Isabella

    Special thanks to: Megan & Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup, Chris Wayne Magic, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 19/10/2015

    Get your dancing shoes on and strap in for the ride! This episode of Juiced has it all with special guest visits from the Strictly Ballroom Cast and Sonuva-DIgger - the Monster Truck all the way from America.

    Hosts: Jess, Lucy, Charlotte, Braith, Chloe, Lewis, Abbigail

    Junior Crew: Alex

    Special thanks to: Monster Trucks, Strictly Ballroom, QPAC, Global Creatures, SeaWorld, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 12/10/2015

    It’s Young Carers' week and we are dedicating this episode to the special siblings out there who are always there for their families through the good times, and even the tough times. We celebrate in style with a fancy high tea at Rydges...cooked up by our Juiced TV hosts themselves!

    Hosts: Tom, Kyle, Stormie, Aksel, Rhianna, Theo, Maxwell, Bridget, Angie, Kyle, Liam

    Special thanks to: Human Ventures, Eric Lau, Sarina Wong, Bacchus, Rydges South Bank, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 05/10/2015

    This episode of Juiced is jam packed with speed and superstars! We follow the journey of one of our stars Lewis and go trackside as he learns to run. Carter goes on Seal safari at Sea World. Chris Wayne is back to teach you a magic trick that will amaaaaaze your friends. And superstar Conrad Sewell visits our set!!

    Hosts: Lewis, Imogen, Carter, Charlize

    Special thanks to:  Sea World, Ossur Australia, Conrad Sewell, Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd, Chris Wayne, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 29/09/2015

    We’re keeping the party going for this extra special Sunsuper Riverfire episode! Ever wondered how magnificent fireworks displays come together? We’ll give you the low down. Plus we’ll take time out with some RAAF pilots to find out what it’s like to take to the skies in super sonic super hornets!

    Hosts: Preston, Tilly, Jess, Imogen, Nicholas, Katarina, Justin

    Special thanks to: Hi- Trades, Brisbane Festival, Sunsuper, Royal Australian Air Force, Forch Foti, Nine Network, Eric Summons, A Princess Wish, Chris Wayne Magician, The Photo Booth Collective, AHL amalgamated holdings ltd, The Dream Guards, Lauren De Luca, Party Palz, Isaac Teripai Hough, 501st Legion Redback Garrison, Weiss, Bundaberg Drinks... and all the other fabulous people who helped with our Riverfire party!


    Air Date: 21/09/2015

    This week’s episode is a marvellous one full of mystery, intrigue, magic, fantasy and... backyard cricket with some of Queensland’s best!

    Hosts: Jiana, Jack, Aidan, Annabelle, Alex and Will

    Special thanks to: Nathan Schulz, EG Incursions PTY LTD, Chris Wayne, Nathan Reordon, Peter Forrest, Brisbane Heat, Amalgamated Holdings Limited, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 14/09/2015

    In this jam-packed episode, we get our very own taste of Bollywood, check out 'Oddball' the latest movie to hit the cinemas, and our Juiced TV sports reporters hit the Gabba for the Lion's last game of the season!

    Hosts: Annabelle, Jade, Thomas, Kyle, Lachie

    Special thanks to: Amalgamated Holdings Limited, Dance Masala, Brisbane Lions, Western Bulldogs, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 07/09/2015

    This week’s episode is all about heroes and superstars. We meet some brave kids with a message for all of us... and then brush shoulders with the stars of season 1 as we relive Juiced TV’s night of nights: "The Juicies".

    Hosts: Jeffo, Koen, Maxwell

    Special thanks to: Amalgamated Holdings Limited, 7NEWS Brisbane, Motion Focus Music, Lemac


    Air Date: 31/08/2015

    In this episode we get a personal visit from some of the nation's best hockey players and they teach us some cool tricks with sticks! We also snuggle up to some adorable animals from the Queensland Zoo and get some valuable drawing pointers from Cartoon Dave. Check it out!

    Hosts: Shayla, Ebony, Fatima, Angel, Summer, Fatima, AJ, Leilah, Demi, Frank, Lewis, Wyatt and Angie.

    Special thanks to: Queensland Zoo, Cartoon Dave, Bec Dwyer, Ashlea Fey, Jamie Stone, Britt Wilkinson, Motion Focus Music, Lemac.


    Air Date: 25/08/2015

    This week's episode is epic! It is coming to you from paradise- Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island! Catch all the action as our roving reporters go whale watching and dolphin feeding. PLUS...see what happens when champion netballers Mission Firebirds visit their biggest fan in hospital to show off their latest trophy, our kids learn get some pretty cool lego ideas and some amazing chefs from the Treasury Hotel show us their cupcake decorating skills...

    Hosts: Laura, Preston, Sam, Sarah, Bella, Jordan, Cheyenne, Matilda, Shayla

    Special thanks to: Tangalooma Island Resort, Chef Gemma, Chef Tom and Chef Lauren, Treasury Casino and Hotel, Bricks 4 Kidz, Queensland Firebirds, Eddy and The Sunrise Team, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

    Episode donated by:  The Besen Family Foundation


    Air Date: 17/08/2015

    In this episode, we are reliving all of the Ekka fun! Our roving reporters check out the action from the hospital's very own mini Ekka, and we get some very special VIP access on location at the show! Let’s go!

    Hosts: Amelia, Zahli, Koen, Gillian, Tobi, Abi, Carter, Anthony, Haylee, Luke

    Junior Crew: Haylee and Bella

    Special thanks to: Ekka, The Sunrise crew, Motion Focus Music, Lemac


    Air Date: 10/08/2015

    This episode of Juiced is bursting with goodness! We’re stepping back in time to the land of the dinosaurs, getting our groove on with the Beats Bus and checking out ‘Antman’, one of the latest movies to hit the big screen. Plus… Science is about to get glittery and gooey with Professor Jellybean aaaaand Carlie Sparkle is back with another crafty way to recycle!

    Hosts: Elana, Kyle, Rihanna

    Special thanks to: The Beats Bus, Event Cinemas



    Air Date: 03/08/2015

    This is one jam-packed episode! Peebo & Dagwood are hitting the Juiced set to put our laughing gear to good use! The one and only Cartoon Dave gives us some more rad cartooning tips. PLUS we meet the inspirational Kelsie and find out about her journey.

    Hosts: Tobi, Abigail, Lola, Maverick, Bella, Edward, Elie, Stella, Laura, Stella, Rhianna, Grace.

    Special thanks to: Peebo and Dagwood, Cartoon Dave, Carlie Sparkle, Queensland Zoo, Kelsie, Motion Focus Music, Lemac.

  • img S2E04 - MUSIC MADNESS

    Air Date: 27/07/2015

    It's music therapy celebration week and we're joining the party! In this special episode of Juiced, we'll meet some of the amazing music therapists from around the hospital. As well as a couple of Juiced stars who have taken part in the program.
    Hosts: Samantha and Jordan
    Special thanks to: Lucas Proudfoot, Claire, Ange, Tim, Maggie and all of the Music Therapy team! Lemac, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 20/07/2015

    Matt hosts the show as we’re getting the low down on some sensational sea creatures, with some very interesting bodily functions! Carlie Sparkle is back with another awesome how-to in recyclable craft, and we meet one of the wonderful way-finding volunteers here at the hospital!

    Hosts: Matt, Eboneigh, Cheyenne, Isabella, Abby, Abigail and Diesel.

    Special thanks to: Ocean Life Education, Carlie Sparkle, Lemac, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 13/07/2015

    Get ready for our most anticipated episodes yet!! Hosted by the hilarious Madi, we feature our exclusive interview with Ula and the mischievous Captain Jack Sparrow, including a full look at what happened during his special visit with pirate comrade 'Scrum'. Plus we're getting up close with some scaly friends, and check out all the action from the Bank of Queensland Family Fun Day with Ambassador Liam!

    Hosts: Madi, Ula and Liam

    Special thanks to: Captain Jack Sparrow, Scrum, Laurassic Park, Bank of Queensland, Lemac, Motion Focus Music


    Air Date: 08/07/2015

    During a visit initiated by the stars themselves, Captain Jack Sparrow and his comrade Scrum took time out for a very special visit to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. After having a surprise meeting with the two pirates, Juiced star Ula sat down with the Captain for an exclusive interview... Stay tuned to see the shenanigans!

    Huge efforts co-ordinated by the Pirates team, the Children's Hospital Foundation, hospital staff and the security teams to make this visit happen - it's definitely an event to remember!

  • img S2E01 - SHIP TO SHORE + MORE

    Air Date: 06/07/2015

    This week's episode of Juiced is hosted by Demi, and we’re kicking off our new season with a bang! The US Navy dropped by to say G’day, we're getting cosy with some incredible sharks, and champion Kieron Douglass updates us on his 200km challenge to raise money for Juiced… PLUS, we take a look at one of the latest movies to hit the big screen- Inside Out!

    Hosts: Demi, Paige, Taylor, Darnell, Poppy, Abi, Eboneigh.

    Special thanks to: Kieron Douglass, United States Navy, SEA LIFE Mooloolaba, Dr Rob Bell, Motion Focus Music and Lemac.


    Air Date: 29/06/2015

    It's the best of Juiced TV far!! We take a stroll down memory lane and check out what's happened in the last 6 months. Brace yourself as we flashback to the time Abi, MJ, Mike and Isabella met Guy Sebastian, when Xavia went snorkelling and who can forget the VIP treatment Demi, Genevieve and Macey got at the Cinderella Premiere... plus much more (including bloopers!)

    Hosts: Chloe and Sienna lead the pack as we take a stroll down memory lane

    Special thanks to: EVERYONE who has been a part of Juiced so far, and who has helped make the past 6 months an absolute blast!

  • img S1EP25 - EPISODE 25

    Air Date: 22/06/2015

    Hosts: Kuzi, Jordan, Caitlin, Chloe, Imarni and Ella.

    Special thanks to: SEA LIFE Mooloolaba, Professor Jellybean, Happy Healthy Kidz, Lauren Brant, Hello Africa, Motion Focus Music and Lemac.

  • img S1EP24 - EPISODE 24

    Air Date: 15/06/2015

    Hosts: Dileesha, Delia, Chloe, Lara, Poppy

    Special thanks to: SEA LIFE Mooloolaba, Bazil Grumble, Dr Rob Bell, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

  • img S1EP23 - EPISODE 23

    Air Date: 08/06/2015

    Hosts: Nathalia, Angel, Sienna, Jessica, Hayley, Abigail, Chase 

    Special thanks to: Bugs Ed, Qld Zoo, St John Ambulance, Suncorp Bank, Happy Healthy Kidz Australia, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

  • img S1EP22 - EPISODE 22

    Air Date: 01/06/2015

    Hosts: Isabella, Tiah, Imogen, Angel, Abbi, MJ, Hannah, Abbigail, 

    Special thanks to: Australian Government Department of Defence, Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF Security and Fire School, St John Ambulance, The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Qld, Cartoon Dave, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

  • img S1EP21 - EPISODE 21

    Air Date: 25/05/2015

    Hosts: Kimberley, Sienna, Chloe, Amelia, Xavier, Thomas, Levi, Joy, Tobi, Demi

    Special thanks to: Disney On Ice, Kath Rose and Associates, Qld Zoo, Cork and Chroma, Dr Rob Bell, Network Ten

  • img S1EP20 - EPISODE 20

    Air Date: 18/05/2015

    Hosts: Luke, Bianca, Alyssa, Bella, Rhianna, Chloe, Sienna 

    Special thanks to: Circular Rhythm, Dr Rob Bell, Hunter Products, Maki's Art, Qld Zoo, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

  • img S1EP19 - EPISODE 19

    Air Date: 11/05/2015

    There's so much squeezed into this episode of Juiced - we have an exclusive look behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil's show 'Totem', get up close with some of the cheekiest farmyard babies, and meet one very inspiring athlete, Noah Robinson!

    Hosts: Stephanie, Wyatt, Maiya, Bryce, Bella, Xavier, Lewis, Edward, Skyla, Bill, Lucy, Luke, Lola, Wyatt, Chloe, 

    Special thanks to: Cirque du Soleil 'Totem', Kath Rose and Associates, Qld Zoo, Cartoon Dave, Noah Robinson, Network Ten, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

  • img S1EP18 - EPISODE 18

    Air Date: 04/05/2015

    Hosts: Ebony, Lachie, Troy, Ruby, Preston, Nicholas, Jaguar, Cobra, Imarni, Lucy, Frank, Angus, Connor, Skyla, Hayley


    Special Thanks To: Toko-Ton Taiko, Project You Can, Nikki and Dumbledore, Qld Zoo, Lemac, Motion Focus Music.

  • img S1EP17 - EPISODE 17

    Air Date: 27/04/2015

    Hosts: Ayanna, Morghan, Lewis, Luke, Harley, Lachie, Troy

    Special thanks to: Sea World, Brisbane Broncos, Vision Freestyle, Craig Ingham, Motion Focus Music, Lemac

  • img S1EP16 - EPISODE 16

    Air Date: 20/04/2015

    Hosts: Belle, Preston, Xavia, Caelan, Ben, Teagan, Will, Sophie, Zac, Jett, Alex, Wesley, Patrick, Fatima, Cooper

    Special thanks to: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Qld Zoo, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Cartoon Dave, Lemac, Motion Focus Music

  • img S1EP15 - EPISODE 15

    Air Date: 13/04/2015

    Hosts: Sami, Cooper, Sophie, Will, Patrick, Jett, Alex, Zac, Wesley

    Special thanks to: Sydney Roosters, Steggles, Walking with Dinosaurs, Flipside Circus, Sea World, Lemac, Motion Focus Music

  • img S1EP14 - EPISODE 14

    Air Date: 06/04/2015

    Hosts: Liam, Isabella, Lewis, Amber, Casey, Riley, Jess

    Special thanks to: RSPCA Qld, Stefan Hair Fashions and MASKS Foundation, Sea World, Dr Rob Bell, Dr Rebecca Millers, Carlie Sparkle, 

  • img S1EP13 - EPISODE 13

    Air Date: 30/03/2015

    We're celebrating Easter on this weeks episode! From cooking hot cross buns, to Easter Egg hunts and a how-to for making a Bunny Mask - our hosts have got you covered!

    Hosts: Nahkari, Antonia, Liam, Shanley, Sami, Imarni, Ebony, Bill, Ella, Amber, Chloe

    Special thanks to: The Coffee Club, Woolworths Bulimba, Sea World, Cartoon Dave, Qld Zoo.

  • img S1EP12 - EPISODE 12

    Air Date: 23/03/2015

    Hosts: Savannah, Xavia, Angel, Demi, Macy, Genevieve

    Special thanks to: Courtney Thorpe, Hello Africa, Sea World, Steggles, Disney, Shout Communications, Stefan Hair Fashions, Gold Coast LuxCars, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, and Big Ham Productions for capturing the behind the scenes action

  • img S1EP11 - EPISODE 11

    Air Date: 16/03/2015

    Hosts: Angel, Demi, Danielle, George, Brie, Brooke, Jackie, 

    Special thanks to: Scoil Ard Rince Irish Dancing, Maki's Art, Nurse Gemma and Craig Ingham

  • img S1EP10 - EPISODE 10

    Air Date: 09/03/2015

    Hosts: Angel, Emily, Sarah, Bailey, Bridie, Phoebe, Xara, Kaeley, Claire

    Special thanks to: RAWCrew, Cartoon Dave, Qld Zoo

  • img S1EP09 - EPISODE 9

    Air Date: 03/03/2015

    Hosts: Shania, Imarni, Indiana, Ebony, Emily, Isabella, Dana, Conor

    Special thanks to: Wildcall Wildlife Shows, Tasman Jude, Larrikin Puppets

  • img S1EP08 - EPISODE 8

    Air Date: 23/02/2015

    Hosts: Jordan, Lilly, Lucy, Imarni, Isabella, Mike, Abbigail, MJ, Bella, Levi, Elenoa

    Special thanks to: Guy Sebastian, 6 Degrees Group, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Guide Dogs Qld, Cartoon Dave, Qld Zoo, Dr Rob Bell

  • img S1EP07 - EPISODE 7

    Air Date: 16/02/2015

    Hosts: Abbi, Hayley, Jake, Jett, Zac, Liam, MJ, Jordan, Elenoa, Ebony, Summer, Leilah, Angel, Fatima, AJ

    Special thanks to: Woolworths Newstead, Gasworks; Queensland Museum; Qld Zoo

  • img S1EP06 - EPISODE 6

    Air Date: 09/02/2015

    Hosts: Ula, Bailey, Leilah, Summer, Aliyah, Bill, Jack

    Special thanks to: Dr Scott Hocknull, Queensland Museum, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Alyssa Venning, Shout Communications

  • img S1EP05 - EPISODE 5

    Air Date: 02/02/2015

    Hosts: Mitchell, Brie, Brayden, Grace, Jacynda, Kate

    Special thanks to: The Germein Sisters, Qld Zoo, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Carlie Sparkle, Cartoon Dave, Craig Ingham, Shout Communications

  • img S1EP04 - EPISODE 4

    Air Date: 26/01/2015

    Hosts: Kyle, Joy, Hayden, and Preston

    Special thanks to: The Coffee Club, Mac Millar, Nurse Maddie, Dr Rob Bell, Cartoon Dave, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Shout Communications

  • img S1EP03 - EPISODE 3

    Air Date: 19/01/2015

    Megan and Lucy get to meet the stars of The Lion King musical Sisters Kaeley and Claire are put to the test with our first 'Brain Freeze' quiz show Lilly takes us on to the set of The Wind in the Willows play, and chats to lead actor Luke Carroll Plus Cartoon Dave shows us how to draw a groovy unicorn!

    Hosts: Demi, Lilly, Megan, Lucy, Morghan, and Georgie

    Special thanks to: La Boîte Theatre Company, QPAC, Disney, Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World, Qld Zoo

  • img S1EP02 - EPISODE 2

    Air Date: 12/01/2015

    We meet Giggle and Hoot and some very friendly reptiles from Wildcall Wildlife Shows, PLUS Urban Energy Dance show us their hip hop skills, and Cartoon Dave Hackett will make you a whiz at drawing!

    Hosts: Georgie and Morghan

    Special thanks to: Wildcall Wildlife Shows, Urban Energy Dance, Cartoon Dave, and the crew at QPAC for letting us meet Giggle & Hoot!

  • img S1EP01 - EPISODE 1

    Air Date: 05/01/2015

    Hosts: Sharde, Samantha, Riley, Kalea and Ally

    Special thanks to: Dumbledore and Nikki, Dr Rob, Cartoon Dave, Keeper Emma from Qld Zoo, and Craig Ingham for making guest appearances!


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