Roadtrip to Mackay

Date 30, January, 2020

In January, we hit the road to visit the beautiful town of Mackay! Mackay Base Hospital have just opened their new Children’s Ward, so this was a celebration we didn’t want to miss! Juiced TV was also celebrating their fifth birthday in the same month, so it was a party time all around! The Juiced team was so spoilt with a super tasty birthday cake – thanks guys!!

We have loved our past visits to the Mackay Base Hospital so it was with much anticipation to go back and see all the patients, families and friendly staff! The Kids Ward Party was busting with people laughing, snacking away, face painting, balloon wars and we even had special Storm Trooper and Darth Vader guests join in the fun!

The Mackay Muscle Garden team came to film with us on one of the days and they took Ashlin and the nursing staff on a vigorous garden workout they’ll never forget. We got cooking with some of the talented kitchen staff and created a Mini MasterChef challenge to see who could whip up the best Strawberry Mousse - yum! It was also so special to celebrate with Tyler and his family as he rung the bell three times to signify the completion of his chemo treatment.

Our episodes are viewed in Regional Hospitals like Mackay and Bundaberg thanks to our ‘Juiced Box’. This app allows patients in the children’s ward to watch all of Juiced TV’s episodes, have their say about program content and eventually film their very own segments to be included in our broadcast episodes.

Juiced TV are continuing to expand into hospitals around Queensland and look forward to welcoming other hospitals to be a part of the Juiced TV family. We would love to hear from you if you think your local hospital could benefit from the services of Juiced TV. Our aim is to expand our service into every major paediatric hospital, connecting patients and families across the country.


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