Celebrating 3 years of Juiced TV!

Date 02, February, 2018

That’s three years of creating amazing memories for sick kids and their families, and what a wonderful ride it’s been!

Since Juiced TV’s humble beginnings in 2015, the program has touched the lives of more than 2,100 patients and families, broadcast 161 episodes which have generated 2,621,000+ YouTube views, and more than 100 experiences outside of hospital walls have been created.

During our three years we’ve created entertaining and educational content – from hospital heroes, to animal encounters, musical workshops, and cooking.

We have welcomed some of the world’s (and our kids) favourite celebrities to the show, such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Justin Timberlake, Dynamo Magician and idolised sports stars.

Our patients have also had VIP access to concerts and movie sets, and red carpet events where they have interviewed singing sensations and big screen actors!

But, the real highlights of the past 3 years are the achievements of our superstars - whether it’s ringing the bell to signify they’ve finished oncology treatment, and their achievements outside of hospital.

Watching our kids connect with other patients and siblings at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and distract them during their stay has been magic.

So, what’s next? We are extremely excited to start spreading the Juicy goodness outside of Brisbane as we embark on our first regional road trip to The Townsville Hospital!!

Our regional service, the ‘Juiced Box’ will launch later this month, so keep your eyes peeled as we continue to create amazing memories for sick kids and their families, and improve the hospital journey.

Bring on 2018!


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