How Star Wars helps this 6-year-old with her hospital journey

Date 01, September, 2017

When Savannah was two-and-a-half years old, she asked her dad ‘why are there never any girl heroes in the movies?’ Stuart knew that the perfect answer was to introduce her to the almighty heroines in Star Wars. Savannah, now almost seven years old, idolises the fearless female characters, especially the headstrong Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars and one of the greatest Rebel Alliance leaders, Princess Leia. 

“My favourite thing to do is watch Star Wars with my dad” Savannah

This daddy daughter duo’s love for Star Wars has not only brought them closer together, but the force has been helping Savannah throughout her hospital journey. Savannah has Chronic Q Fever Osteomyelitis, which requires frequent trips to the hospital for various appointments and procedures, but receiving a new Star Wars figurine each time she goes to hospital, helps Savannah be brave just like her heroes.

Savannah had been a part of several Juiced activities with the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School, but it was when recently hosting her very own segment with Australia Zoo that we learned Savannah and Stuart were massive Star Wars fans.

With Father’s Day approaching we knew the perfect way to celebrate, and rallied the troops to help make some magic.

With a visit from Redback Garrison – 501st Legion, Savannah and her Dad became the heroes of their own Star Wars story, as they acquire tales of bravery that will inspire an entire galaxy.

Watch our special ‘I AM YOUR FATHER’S DAY’ episode here.


‘Juiced TV has been a great distraction for Savannah. It has helped her find a fun reason for being at the hospital and forget about her everyday challenges. Savannah has really enjoyed being a part of Juiced TV and also enjoys watching all the episodes.’

 – Savannah’s mum, Danielle


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