You are all truly amazing and talented and generous. I am so impressed by the work you do and the kindness and enthusiasm with which you do it. You guys are SUPER organised too. I am very grateful for what you are doing for Poppy. She has had a lot of hospital treatment over the years which will continue to be the case for the rest of her childhood (and over into adulthood). You have transformed an unappealing hospital experience into one of the best experiences of her life. It takes some pretty special people to turn hospital into a fun place to go for kids who've had so much treatment, while at the same time building their self esteem and confidence and skills. I really can't thank you enough and be supportive enough of everything you do, whether it involves Poppy directly or not. Thank you!


Julie-Anne, Mum

As parents we think Juiced is great. Our involvement with Juiced TV started in 2014 when our 11 year old son Max was diagnosed with cancer. After two emergency brain surgeries and a dual craniotomy Max underwent 12 months of chemotherapy and during that time he enjoyed watching the Juiced episodes whenever he was in hospital. After a few very difficult months Max decided that his best chance at finding a cure was to raise money for the Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank and he  began fundraising by signing up to run in the Bridge to Brisbane. It was at this point that Juiced TV became involved in Max’s life, first documenting his run and then involving him in several other episodes including a 'Master Chef' cooking segment, reading the weather for Juiced on the Today Show, and hosting a tour of the Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank.

Being involved with Juiced TV gave Max a sense of purpose when he was feeling low, and has documented his experiences as he manages living with cancer.


Anthony, Dad.

My son would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all of the Juiced TV, Pip Russell and the staff for making a huge difference during Lachlan's journey whilst he was an in-patient and out-patient over 14 months from early January 2015 until the end of February 2016.

Lachlan had a Brain Tumor which was stage 4 Cancer. Obviously it was a very scary and and frightening time for my son and the whole family. This was a very critical time and was life threatening.

Lachlan also had radiation after immediate surgery for 6 weeks, then after that he had 6 weeks of rehab and 7 months of Chemo. Lachlan had severe Posterior Fossa Syndrome which effected his motor skills, walking and talking etc from post surgery. 

Lachlan had to be close to the hospital incase he got an illness at anytime, in which he would have to be rushed to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, so we set up some accomodation inner city area for that reason. From the time he was an inpatient for the first 4 and half months Lachlan was able to engage in fun activities which helped him get through his difficult journey and to help with his recovery.

During this time we got involved with Juiced TV who provided a fun and exciting outlet for all the sick kids. Lachlan was always excited and happy to participate with amazing stuff through the Juiced TV team and always put a big smile on his face and the other sick kids, to which was priceless.

My oldest son and Lachlan were a great team when they were invited to be a part of Juiced TV, interviewing football players and other celebrities and finding out about sea creatures. Lachlan's other siblings Robert and Lucy were involved too, and always had so much fun. Lachlan always came away a very happy 14 year old boy, and his siblings too.

We all often watched the show which was always on a channel on the in-house TV's which was entertaining and exciting.

I would encourage any family to get involved and support Juiced TV now and in the future because they do make a big difference with the sick kids and I believe that they are like another support for kids and their families.

I can say now that my son Lachlan is in Remission and he got to ring a bell to say he is cancer free, and Juiced TV filmed that special day when Lachlan celebrated with myself, my partner and extended family and friends and Hospital Staff. 

Therefore I, Craig Betts and my partner Vicki Blake, on behalf of my son Lachlan and siblings would like to thank Pip Russell and all of her incredible staff for what they have done and what they continue to do.

I have so much praise for everything Juiced TV do for all the sick kids and their siblings….. they are BRILLIANT. Thank you Juiced TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Craig Betts

“Sunsuper is proud to have been involved with Juiced TV since its inception in 2014. Throughout that time we’ve partnered with Juiced TV to help host a Sunsuper Riverfire party for sick kids at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, had our CEO feature in a Juiced TV episode and also come on board as a presenting partner for the Channel Nine Telethon benefiting the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. The Juiced TV team are all very enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with!”

– Rebecca Chivers

Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist, Sunsuper.